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Donkey Kong Country is a video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo on Super Nintendo in 1994. The game's composers are David Wise, Eveline Fischer, and Robin Beanland. The game also received a Game Boy Color port in 2000 and a Game Boy Advance port in 2003.

This game's OST has a special historical importance to high quality rips, as it was the first soundtrack uploaded to the real GilvaSunner channel. Consequently, his first video is Title Theme - Donkey Kong Country (which has yet to be ripped by SiIvaGunner).





  • The playlist is not sorted in OST order.
  • "Opening Fanfare" is a real track, but it is not in the game's OST.
  • The real GilvaSunner never uploaded "Aquatic Ambience". His playlist instead has the video "Donkey Kong Country OST 9 Aquatic Ambiance" by CYCHREUS GAMING.

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