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For rips of mods of Friday Night Funkin', see Category:Friday Night Funkin' Mods.

Friday Night Funkin' is a browser-based rhythm game by Cameron Taylor (a.k.a. ninjamuffin99 / ninja_muffin24), Isaac Garcia (a.k.a. Kawai Sprite), David Brown (a.k.a. PhantomArcade) and evilsk8r. The game's music is mostly composed by Kawai Sprite, with two songs done by bassetfilms and one song composed in part by MtH.

On SiIvaGunner

Since the start of 2021, many Friday nights have seen the release of three Friday Night Funkin' rips in a row. This is done in reference to the name of the game, and the way its levels are set up with three songs being part of a "week". Most rips of the game have been part of this upload scheme.[1]

Every Friday Night Funkin' rip showcases a video of a modded version of the game to go along with the rip's joke. Rips of level themes also end with the game over sequence; considering how the game over sequence shows Boyfriend with blue balls, this is likely a reference to the blue balls meme on the channel. Download links to the mods featured in the videos have replaced the playlist link in every rip's description since the fourth, fifth and sixth.

As the game has been extremely popular and trendy, these trends/rules may be an attempt by the SiIvaGunner team to limit how many submissions of the game there are, similar to how Undertale duplicate rips were banned in 2016 when the game was off the heels of its peak popularity.


...and 2 private videos as of October 16, 2021.

References in other rips


  • Since February 19, 2021 or earlier, the top 10 most-viewed rips of Season 5 have all been rips from this game.
    • On March 14, 2021, all of the top 25 most-viewed rips of Season 5 were rips of this game (note that only 25 rips of this game had been published to the channel at the time).
  • Many Friday Night Funkin' rips have been noticed by the creators of the game itself, mainly the composer Kawai Sprite and the developer ninjamuffin99, through comments on the rips that are usually hearted and/or pinned.
  • MtH, head manager of the SiIvaGunner channel, is part of the Friday Night Funkin' team, and specifically helped with touching up most of the game's charts and charting most of Week 7.[2]
  • The game's thumbnail is based off the title screen.
  • In the specialthanks.txt file located in the data folder of the game, you can find SiIvaGunner's name among the people credited in it.
  • During the "Community" section of the "Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game" Kickstarter trailer, several SiIvaGunner rips ("Fresh", "Bopeebo (In-Game Version)", "South", and "Blammed") are briefly shown.
  • From March 5, 2021 to March 10, 2021, there was a since-deleted video at the bottom of the playlist titled "FNF WEEK 7 LEAKS (v1)".
    • This might have to do with the fact that (before it was renamed) "Winter Horrorland (Short Version)" was originally titled "Week 7 (Leak)".

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  1. With three exceptions so far, all of which were part of channel events.
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