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kirbtunes is a special playlist on the SiIvaGunner channel containing abnormally-formatted rips of Kirby fan remixes, most of which originate from Japanese collective SBFR. This playlist initially served to mirror the GilvaSunner playlist of the same name, though it has since expanded to also mirror two similar GilvaSunner playlists, 100k and 150k, that do not have equivalents on SiIvaGunner.


On the real GilvaSunner's channel, the 100k playlist was created on October 28, 2014 for the upload of 20 Nintendo remixes, most notably tracks ripped from the SBFR album We Bros. X. The playlist's name refers to how the uploads were meant to celebrate GilvaSunner reaching 100,000 subscribers. 100k was notably the last playlist he had updated prior to the creation of GiIvaSunner (with an uppercase i), but after two years of inactivity, GilvaSunner returned to upload more remixes after passing 150,000 subcribers, making the 150k playlist to hold them.

GilvaSunner's kirbtunes playlist would be created a month later on April 16, 2016. Unlike 100k and 150k, this wasn't tied to any particular milestone and focused specifically on Kirby remixes. At some point, videos in 100k and 150k which contained Kirby remixes were put into the playlist, and the playlist was re-used for two batches of Kirby remixes afterward, on December 4, 2016 and February 25, 2018.

On SiIvaGunner

Though "Dedede Fusion Collab" is the oldest video in this playlist, it actually predates the creation of GilvaSunner's kirbtunes. Since the rip was made as a 7,000 subscriber special, it was included in the appropriately-named 7k, taking after 150k. SiIvaGunner's kirbtunes playlist was eventually created on June 8, 2016, the day after "Green Greens Fusion Collab" was released.

The kirbtunes playlist went dormant for a while after 2016, as no rips directly mirroring any of the 100k, 150k, or kirbtunes uploads were uploaded in 2017 or 2018, though these remixes would serve as the inspiration for SiIvaGunner's Original Fusion Collabs. "File Select Fusion" was notably not put into any playlists at the time of its upload, so kirbtunes only contained kirbtunes-specific uploads during the time that it was dormant.

The playlist would eventually be revived, starting with the upload of "Splattack!を6人リレーで好き放題アレンジした" on July 29, 2019, and has since been used mainly to post rips that conclude channel events. Though "Splattack!を6人リレーで好き放題アレンジした" was based on a 150k remix not included in the original kirbtunes, it was added to SiIvaGunner's kirbtunes anyway, presumably due to the lack of a 150k equivalent. It remained as the only non-kirbtunes rip in the playlist for a while, but on January 9, 2021, "Mute City (Explicit)" was uploaded and added to kirbtunes, and on March 20, 2021, "File Select Fusion" was finally added to the playlist as well, cementing SiIvaGunner's kirbtunes as a combination of GilvaSunner's three remix playlists.



  1. "Light" is not a real kirbtune; the rip contains a SiIvaGunner-exclusive remix.
  2. Exclusive to 150k on GilvaSunner's channel
  3. 3.0 3.1 Exclusive to 100k on GilvaSunner's channel.

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The thumbnail indicates which upload batch the video was part of (on GilvaSunner's channel). Note that the image coloration on SiIvaGunner differs slightly from GilvaSunner, which presumably originates from YouTube compression.


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