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Sportacus Logo.png Lazy town logo.png Robbie Periscope.png
General Meme: We Are Number One
Character: Robbie Rotten
Main series LazyTown: The Video GameRobbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand
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LazyTown: The Video Game is a video game developed by WANO Studio and published by Nickelodeon Software on PC in 2014. The game's composer is Máni Svavarsson.

This is actually a fake game which was used, mainly during the beginning of The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, to post remixes of "We Are Number One". It has been dormant since 2017, except for one rip posted in 2019.


LazyTown[1] is an Icelandic children show broadcasted on Nickelodeon which premiered in 2004. Four seasons were produced, the first two aired between 2004 and 2007, and the last two later aired from 2013 to 2014. A miniseries called LazyTown Extra was also aired between the two sets in 2008.

The show centers around the life in LazyTown, in which the local hero Sportacus tries to inspire the children - pink haired Stephanie and her friends (played by puppets) - to live a more healthy life. However, the infamous Robbie Rotten, a lazy but somewhat brilliant supervillain, will always do everything he can to stop him.

Each episode of the show features a musical number performed by the actors. Some of them, like "Cooking by the Book", "You are a Pirate" and especially "We Are Number One", became very famous on the Internet outside of the show's initial fanbase.


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