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Liked videos is a playlist on the SiIvaGunner channel containing a random selection of videos. Most of the videos in the playlist are not by SiIvaGunner, and new videos are added to the top of the playlist every so often.


Originally, YouTube would allow channels to publicly display every video they liked in an automatically-generated playlist. The real GilvaSunner had his liked videos displayed on his channel page. However, the SiIvaGunner did not follow suit until the conclusion of the Channel Ending.[1][2][3]

From this point on, the liked videos were placed on SiIvaGunner's channel front page to match GilvaSunner. This was the case up until the beginning of Season 4 Episode 2, when all Liked videos playlists were forcibly made private by YouTube. In response to this, CrystalForce created this fake playlist also called "Liked videos"[4] on December 16, 2019.[citation needed] However, it doesn't appear on the channel page ("SiIvaGunner ~The Story So Far~" seems to have taken its place).

Coincidentally (or not), GilvaSunner has also created a fake liked videos playlist of his own (which seems to contains all of his original liked videos, including "Ending Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2").

Though most of the included videos have no relation to the channel or each other, some of them coincide with recent rips or events, or reference the channel itself. Often, videos relating to the Kingdom Hearts series are put into the playlist by ShonicTH.


As of May 8, 2022, there are 525 videos in the playlist, including eleven private videos and thirteen deleted videos.


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