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General Composers: Daniel "C418" RosenfeldLena Raine
Memes: Minecraft with Gadget
Other: SiIvaCraft Resource Pack
Events Minecraft 10th AnniversaryRevenge 8th AnniversaryMinecraft - Volume Alpha and Beta Day
Albums SiIvaCraft - Volume Alpha Version & Beta Mix
Main series Minecraft (1.0.16)
Spin-offs Story ModeDungeons2.03D Shareware
Crossovers Super Meat BoyTerraria (Calamity ModFargo's ModSpirit Mod) • The Stanley ParableSuper Smash Bros. UltimatePac-Man (Minecraft Marketplace)
Mods Twilight Forest Mod
Fan games Lovehunt
Fake games Undertale 2

Minecraft 2.0 is a video game developed and published by Mojang.

This game was actually an April Fools joke created by Mojang on April 1, 2013. It would later be ripped for April Fools' Day 2020.


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