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Rips that have been removed for whatever reason, and haven't since been officially reuploaded by SiIvaGunner.

Types of removed rips

Main types:

  • Deleted rips: Rips that were actually deleted from YouTube.
  • Privated rips: Rips that were set to "private". They are effectively deleted, but remain available to the channel managers, and may rarely be unprivated later.
  • Blocked rips: Rips that were blocked by a copyright holder rather than by a SiIvaGunner channel manager. They cannot be watched, but some of the metadata can be viewed.
  • Non-reuploaded GiIvaSunner rips: On April 6, 2016, the original GiIvaSunner channel got taken down by YouTube, effectively deleting all its rips. Some of those old GiIvaSunner rips haven't been officially reuploaded to this day.
  • Unlisted rips: Rips that were set to "unlisted". These aren't actually removed, but appear to be. They can still be accessed via a link or a playlist.

Other subcategories:

  • Removed Green de la Bean rips: On September 9, 2016, almost all rips featuring Green de la Bean at that time were removed after receiving complaints from the viewers.
  • 9/11/2016 rips: On September 11, 2016, almost every rip referenced the 2001 World Trade Center Attacks, Pentagon Attack (directly or otherwise); they were removed later in the day after receiving complaints by the viewers.
  • Twonko's rips: In January 2021, all of their individual contributions were removed for reasons unclear.
  • Lost rips: A very small number of removed rips where no reuploads (official or unofficial) have been found.

For rips that have once been removed, but have since been officially reuploaded to the SiIvaGunner channel, see the Reuploads category.

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