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A list of rips featuring songs and media from the video game Undertale.

This category is not for rips of Undertale or games related to it. See the playlist and the above navbox.



Note that this list is sorted in OST order, with tracks that are not in the OST placed where they would be heard in-game.[precision needed]

Fan media

Games & AUs


Other media

Related media


See also

  • Sans is Ness, for the use of Undertale songs in MOTHER/EarthBound rips and vice versa.
  • Deltarune, another game developed by Toby Fox, and commonly considered a spin-off of Undertale, with a few songs taken from Undertale.


  1. Of note: this AU was created by channel contributor Keeby10.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This song is associated with the AU, but is not present in-game.

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