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SiIvaGunner's uploads have descriptions that are almost always formatted in a specific way. This format is copied from GilvaSunner's channel, for the purpose of imitating it and confusing newcomers. The format is the following:

This category lists rips that have descriptions that deviate from the aforementioned format in some way, for the purpose of jokes or lore; note that deviations for the purpose of matching GilvaSunner abnormalities are usually not included in this category, and non-rip videos tend to do their own thing, so they aren't included either.

Below is an explanation of each part of the format, plus common/notable variations.


Lists the original track's name; somewhat redundant due to also being featured in the title of the rip.


  • In a small number of rips, it says "Song" for unknown reasons. This might just be an error. On at least 3 rips, it says "Name".
  • "It's a me, Mario!" rips change it to "Text", due to those rips not being music. This is copied from GilvaSunner.
  • During Talk Like a Pirate Day, this listing was changed to "Shanty".


Lists the credit for the original track. This is often just listed as "Composer", even if the person listed isn't technically the composer, though there are many variations which are used to properly credit the creator(s) of the track. In some cases, such as with the Super Smash Bros. franchise, multiple variants will appear simultaneously on a rip to give credits to multiple roles.


  • In many (but not all) rips where multiple people are listed, it will say "Composers".
  • During the reboot, it was changed to "Composed by". This is also rarely used in other rips.
  • "Arrangement" is usually used to list arranger(s) for the track. "Arranger", "Arrangers", and "Arranged by" are used rarely.
  • "Performed by" is usually used to list performer(s) for the track. "Performance" is used rarely.
  • "It's a me, Mario!" rips change it to "Voice", due to those rips not being music. This is copied from GilvaSunner.
  • During Talk Like a Pirate Day, it was changed to "Composarrr" (with a varying number of rs). "Arrranged by" and "Parrrformed by" also appeared on a few rips.
  • A few rips have used "Composter" instead. The usage of this spelling is probably a typo, but it's more likely that the spelling is another reference to the VvvvvaVvvvvvr fanchannel, as multiple rips on that channel intentionally use that spelling for the description.


Links to a corresponding playlist on the SiIvaGunner channel. This listing is the least prone to changes.



Lists all the systems that the game could be played on. In most cases, this list excludes re-releases on Virtual Console and the like, opting for only the original release platform(s).


  • In a lot (but not all) rips where multiple platforms are listed, it will say "Platforms".
  • In a handful of rips, one platform listed will be something like "your blender", i.e. "Winter - Maroon GO". This is referencing to the video "How To Use Your Blender" by Poliwager.
  • During the reboot, it was changed to "Available on".
  • During Talk Like a Pirate Day, it was changed to "Planks" (or "Plank" on 5 rips).

Please read the channel description.

This part of the description, also known as the catchphrase, does not originate from GilvaSunner (L) channel. Rather, it was introduced on the original GiIvaSunner (i) channel early on, along with an accompanying disclaimer within the channel description, due to accusations of plagiarism when rippers made personal, non-rip uploads of their rips. Ever since then, the phrase has become part of the channel's identity, and a bit of a minor meme in itself, so it is especially prone to changes. Usually, those just pertain to specific rips, but some events (mainly lore-related) will have a new variation of the phrase used for all its rips.



  • Game: - A couple games ripped on the real GilvaSunner channel have included a "Game" field, and these cases are usually copied by the SiIvaGunner channel. Similar to "Music", this is redundant due to already being specified in the title.
  • Franchise:
  • Original: Appears in description of "Field of Hopes and Dreams (PAL Version) - Deltarune". Links to the original "ANTONYMPH" music video by Vylet Pony.
  • Original Game: This appears in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl playlist. Since the Brawl soundtrack is mostly comprised of remixes, this lists the source of the music being remixed. These are copied from GilvaSunner (with some errors, like listing "Flat Zone 2" as being from Game & Watch Gallery).
  • Ripped by: - On GilvaSunner's channel, the Super Mario 3D Land soundtrack was not ripped by Gilva himself but another YouTuber named NintenDaan, so the descriptions included a link to his channel. In all "Title Screen" rips, this is copied but with the channel link being changed to a joke one.
  • [Archived by: MPH] - This appears in the description of several Season 1 and Season 2 videos, mainly on rips of fake games. It indicates that the video is included in the Haltmann's Archives playlist, with "MPH" standing for Max Profitt Haltmann.

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