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General Meme: We Are Number One
Character: Robbie Rotten
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Frequently ripped tracks We Are Number One
Main series Live! The Pirate Adventure
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SiIvaGunner We Are Number One - LazyTown Champions
Fake games The Video GameRobbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand

Robbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand is a video game developed by WANO Studio and published by Nickelodeon Software on PC in 2017. The game's composer is Frank Oz.

This is actually a fake game and a self-parody of Waluigi's Tacostand as well as an alternative to LazyTown: The Video Game for posting "We Are Number One"-related rips with no relation to video game music. It was initially used during January-May 2017, but was revived in April 2021, though much more infrequent.


Robbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand is a free-to-play restaurant simulation game cashing on the great success of Waluigi's Tacostand. It is actually an expanded version of a mini-game from LazyTown: The Video Game (in a similar fashion to the inception of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker) and was developed by the same team.

The plot is inspired by the events of the LazyTown episode "The First Day Of Summer" in which Robbie Rotten finds himself all alone in town. He discovers an abandoned ice cream stand and starts to serve free ice cream to his numerous alternate personas.

The soundtrack of the game was put together by Emmy Award winner Frank Oz[1] and features numerous famous pop songs. Unfortunately, the game was almost immediately removed from Steam after the discover of several N-bombs put in the game (an unbelievable mistake attributed to a clumsy Icelandic translator) and has never been put back on sale, although it could still be rented at Mr. Rental who managed to save a copy.


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