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Super Mario 64DD is a game developed for Nintendo 64DD, with music composed by Koji Kondo.

This is actually a fake game, although it has some grounds in reality. This playlist was originally made for the Channel Ending, but got revived as an alternative to the Super Mario 64 playlist in Season 4.

Overview Edit

The 64DD (or Nintendo 64DD) was a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 released to Japan in 1999.[1] There were plans to create a sequel to Super Mario 64 for it, however the real working titles were Super Mario 64-2 and Super Mario 128.[2]

There was also an impromptu disk-converted version of Super Mario 64 created specifically for the 64DD prototype's presentation in 1996.

However, the 64DD ended up being a commercial failure, and only 10 software titles were actually released for it, none of which related to Super Mario 64.

Rips Edit

There are currently 10 rips of Super Mario 64DD on the SiIvaGunner channel.

References in other rips Edit

References Edit

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