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This page is about the playlist. For the main article, see Undertale.

Undertale is a video game developed, published, and composed by Toby Fox on Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2015. The game also received a port on Linux in 2016, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017, on Nintendo Switch in 2018, and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2021. A spin-off of the game, titled Deltarune, was released on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X in 2018.

With 450 rips, it is currently the most ripped real game on the channel, and the second most ripped game overall behind SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament.


Note: Aside from the presence of several unrelated videos, this playlist is mostly sorted in the usual way (rips are ordered to match the OST release's track listing, with duplicate rips grouped together alphabetically under the mixless rip). Some tracks that aren't part of the official track listing are placed based on where it appears in the game relative to the surrounding tracks, though others are just left at the bottom (rips left under the unrelated videos are considered to be unsorted). Tracks 102-108 from the OST's physical release do not retain their exact track listing. Deviations from the playlist order in the list below will be noted by the relevant rips.

Unrelated videos

Several unrelated videos were added to the Undertale playlist in mid-2017. Most of them are VvvvvaVvvvvvr rips related to the meme "Goomba Got Back" from that channel. Since 2017, they haven't been touched much and are presumably only kept in the playlist for posterity's sake.

Placed above the Undertale rips:

Placed below the sorted Undertale rips:

References in other rips

Undertale song parodies:

Other fan projects:


  1. Links to the Undertale playlist, but isn't in it.
  2. Doubles as the Bonetrousle equivalent for Epic Mode.
  3. Included in the Undertale playlist.
  4. Alternative universes – fan fiction terminology.


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