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Charles Wade Barkley is an American retired professional basketball player who currently works as an analyst for Inside The NBA. On the SiIvaGunner channel, he is the personification of the "Space Jam" meme.


Charles Barkley appeared as a guest in the live-action/animated sports comedy film Space Jam from 1996.

In 2007, the movie's title song "Space Jam" by the Quad City DJ's was mashed up with the teaser trailer of the freeware video game Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. In 2009, "Space Jam" was mashed up with the boss music from this game.

Since then, Charles Barkley has been associated with "Space Jam" mashups, usually featuring an edited image of Charles Barkley on the face of a character related to the song.[1]

Space Jam became a recurrent mashup source in the SoundCloud and YouTube mashup communities, spawning numerous edits of Charles Barkley's face on video games and movie characters.


Like in the mashup community, on the SiIvaGunner channel, Charles Barkley represents the song "Space Jam", usually appearing in rips via commonplace "Space Jam"-themed edits.

The SilvaGunner Comeback Crisis

In the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis arc, Charles Barkley is a part of the Rapper's Union alongside Chip tha RipperSoulja BoySnoop Dogg, and later Parappa. He essentially does not speak and only says "SLAM!" and "JAM!". In Timbre of a Kazoo, it is revealed that Charles Barkley was a double agent for The Voice Inside Your Head, and was acting stupid all along. He goes on to attack his former colleagues, and even kills Parappa and Chip tha Ripper. When Soulja and Snoop Dogg have him at the brink of defeat, Barkley uses the button given to him by The Voice to open a portal and summon the Kazoo Master. However, Barkley gets swallowed by it and is presumed dead.


During Episode 9, Barkley is shown dribbling two basketballs at different tempos. Barkley was able to bounce the balls around at extremely high speeds, even enough to tear through Parappa's chest. Though Barkley was almost able to kill the rest of the Rapper's Union, he lost his powers completely when Snoop Dogg destroyed his basketballs. This ability is a reference to unsynced mashups, which often use "Space Jam" as a source.


  • Despite Barkley's importance to the "Space Jam" meme, he plays a very minor role in the original film. Barkley first appears during a game between the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns (Barkley's team). The main antagonists of the film, the Nerdlucks, attend the game and become interested in Barkley. They proceed to steal his talent from him, leaving him incompetent at the game. He later appears at a basketball court, to which he is challenged by a group of idolizing children. Barkley humiliatingly loses and is mocked. Even later in the film, he and the other basketball stars whose talents were stolen visit a gypsy who sees a vision of the Nerdlucks playing basketball against the Looney Tunes, which the basketball stars don't take seriously. At the end of the film, Michael Jordan visits Barkley and the other players and returns their talents to them.


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