"Abe's Dead (feat. Jordan Lee)", more commonly known as "Chicken and Chips" is a song by the British music group Lego Pornstars, from their first album, Brick In My Mouth, which was released on SoundCloud on October 14, 2010.[1] The song was composed by Matt Lee, more commonly known as DJ Gammer, and was most likely intended to be a joke.

Rips Edit

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On the channel, "Chicken and Chips" was most prominently used during alternate-timeline Chad Warden's takeover of the SiIvaGunner channel.

However, the song's first appearance on the channel was more than a year before, in the May 1, 2016 rip "Oreburgh City (Day) - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl".

"Chicken and Chips" is often used for mashups or samples. The song is fairly easy to mashup because it consists of a simple drumline and vocals, until 0:51 when random notes are played and smashed on a synthesizer, sounding dissonant. After 1:50, the synth plays a melodic part and Jordan Lee, who is presumably related to Matt, starts singing over the track. He sings about chicken and chips, his school day and bacon Subway sandwiches. The random notes and the drumline resumes at 2:40 until the end.

Lyrics Edit

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(Oh, do you want me to get out the room? I'll get out the room)

Mmm, chicken, chicken and chips
Mmm, chicken, chicken and chips
Is it chicken, chicken and chips
Oh, it's some chicken, it's some chicken and chips
It's a chip, where's the chips, it's the chicken and chips
What's for dinner? Chicken and chips
What's for dinner? Chicken and chips
I'm getting bored now, chicken and chips

Actually, now, I really want some chicken and chips
Oh, mmm, chicken and chips
Fill the bath with chicken and chips
Around and around, chicken and chips
Where is the chicken... and the chips?
*Laughing* Chicken and chips

Mmm, chicken, chicken and chips
Mmm, chicken, chicken and chips
Chip, chip, chicken and chips
Mmm, chicken and chips
Mmm, chicken and chips

Chicken and chips

Chicken and chips
I like chicken and chips
Chicken and chips
I really want chicken and chips

What's for dinner, Gary? Chicken and chips
What's for dinner, Gary? Chicken and chips
What's for dinner, Gary? Chicken and chips
What? Chicken and chips
I thought it was mince and potatoes
No! *laughing*

I like chicken and chips
Because they are so tasty
Ooh, it's some chicken and chips, chips
Because they taste like chicken and chips
Chips are so tasty because
They taste like chicken and chips
Because they are so tasty because they're chicken and chips, yeah

Wooh, I went to school
Went to school, waited til it was lunch
Went to Subway, had a bacon and lettuce subway
Yeah, it was good, only cost me a pound
Mmm... A pound, I found it on the floor
Chicken and chips
What? Mmm, I was supposed to talk about school day
Mmm, school day, was crap
Because I didn't do any good lessons
I did French, and then I got a four
I got kicked out and then I got... fell over on the floor!
Mmm, mmm, chicken and chips

If, you could...
No, that's the wrong way around
If you could have anything for your lunch
What would it be?
Mmm, chicken and chips

Say what?
Uh, a bacon subway
Nah, that's not
Yeah, you really say "Chicken and chips"
I got the mic now, chicken and chips
Now you

Mmm... Chicken and chips, say what?

Now it's my turn, I forgot the line...

Abraham Lincoln is dead!

References Edit

  1. Abe's Dead (feat. Jordan Lee) by Lego Pornstars - SoundCloud

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