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"Chocobo Theme" (often misspelled as "Chobobo Theme" on the channel as a reference to "Chobobo1.mid", an off-beat MIDI of the Final Fantasy IV version of the theme by 'Mingo' Games, Ltd.[1], who also created "mm2wood") is a frequently ripped track on the SiIvaGunner channel.


"Chobobo Theme" is a recurring song in the Final Fantasy series which usually plays when the player is riding or otherwise interacting with chocobos, a large and usually yellow species of bird which is considered the series' mascot.[2] It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu and has more than 60 variations in many different styles across more than 30 games. The first version of the theme only included four measures, with the second section being added from Final Fantasy III onwards.[3]


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The first "Chocobo Theme" rip uploaded on the SiIvaGunner channel was "Electric de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII", which centered around a clip from Bird Up!, on April 30, 2016.

The first instance of a rip being uploaded with the misspelled name was "Chobobo Theme (PSP Version) - Final Fantasy III (3D Remake)", a rip which directly references the MIDI. Since this rip, some of the rips uploaded have used the misspelled name, while others have used the correctly spelled name.

There are currently 13 high quality rips of "Chobobo Theme" on the channel, including all variations of the theme.

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