"Christmas Spirit [FILE-07] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the seventh "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents the power-imbuing effects of Christmas Spirit on individuals like Santa Claus, as well as President Haltmann's attempts to synthesize it.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "FILE-02". It opens with this message:

[Haltmann's Archives]



The text begins with a description of Santa Claus, the legendary bringer of Christmas cheer, and his astounding ability to deliver all of the world's presents in a single night. The researchers at Haltmann Works Company suggest that Santa uses a substance called Christmas Spirit to augment his abilities. Through reconnaissance on the North Pole the researchers discovered a factory producing the green liquid, which they took back and experimented on. The substance was found to:

  • have a light green color
  • be of varying viscoscity
  • be extremely volatile
  • occasionally emit the sound of a sleigh bell
  • empower living matter with tremendous strength
  • reproduce in "festive" conditions

The researchers then conclude that Christmas Spirit is what allowed Santa to augment himself and several weapons, such as the bombs that Santa apparently used in the "Iraq bombing of 2002". In order to take advantage of the substance's ability to enhance weaponry, the researchers suggest using high quality rips to produce Spirit. Of the three songs they tried, "Snow halation" produced the most with over 100 liters. The FILE then ends by posing the question of whether Figments have any connection to Christmas Spirit.

"Bonneton (Cap Kingdom)" from Super Mario Odyssey and "Timber Owls" from Final Fantasy 8 play in the background of the video.

Context[edit | edit source]

Christmas Spirit acts as a major plot device in The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. It is one of the reasons Santa is captured in "Advent of Hell", and it is used by The Voice Inside Your Head's minions in subsequent episodes.

The mention of "the Iraq bombing of 2002" is a reference to the South Park episode "Red Sleigh Down" (aired December 2002). As described in the FILE, in the episode Santa is captured and tortured in Iraq, then Father Christmas bombs the place into a Christmas wonderland.

"Snow halation" is a major theme on the channel. Though it is not necessarily Christmas-themed, the song was used in SilvaGunner: Rebooted to represent love, Christmas, and high quality rips.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

[Haltmann's Archives]

The abilities of
[Santa Claus]
have been long speculated: stealth, incredible endurance and the ability to fly higher than mach speeds. No mere mortal should be able to zoom around the world in just 24 hours and deliver over a billion presents to every child on earth

But we believe we have cracked the code -
Santa's abilities are being augmented.

have been conducting reconnaissance in the North Pole and found a massive, heavily guarded production facility. Initially, we thought this was where Santa Claus manufactured his toys, but we also found mining and rigging apparatus, transporting some kind of green liquid - the elves call it
[Christmas Spirit]

We took a small sample back and ran tests on it - a brief description of the substance can be found below.

[Christmas Spirit]
light green color
viscosity varies from water-like to very thick. Method of viscosity change unknown
extremely volatile
occasionally makes a jingle bell sound
imbues organic and live matter with incredible strength
seems to increase in volume under "festive" conditions. Do not leave unattended at Christmas parties

We have come to the conclusion that Christmas Spirit is what enables Santa to have superhuman strength and abilities.

It is believed that the substance can not only augment living beings, but weapons too.

An example of this can be seen in the Iraq bombing of 2002: Santa, having been captured, escaped Iraq and laid waste to the city below, turning it into a Christmas winter wonderland. The bombs Santa used must have definitely been enhanced with Christmas Spirit.

The substance has much destructive potential...

Of interest is the late of the summary: Christmas Spirit can be generated through festive activities. Perhaps we could make Christmas Spirit through high quality rips?

's channel was available to us, we tried to make rips with the following songs:
[Macaroni Time]
- Chief Keef
[Let it Go]
[All I Want for Christmas Is You]
- Mariah Carey
[Snow halation]

Macaroni Time generated none, but Let it Go made at least 4 litres worth. All I Want For Christmas Is You generated more than twice that at a substantial 20 litres, but Snow halation generated a substantial 100 litres... !

A curious case, seeing as Snow halation's lyrics aren't even strictly Christmas-related.

Christmas Spirit is a very curious substance - we need to investigate further.

have any kind of relation to it?


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The FILE uses both American and British English: "color" instead of "colour", but "litres" instead of "liters"

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