"Credits Theme - Watch Paint Dry" is a high quality rip of the credits theme from Watch Paint Dry.

Joke Edit

It's a medley rip that features several songs and memes. It was uploaded during the Channel Ending.

Jokes list Edit

Time Song Name
0:00 Snow halation
0:13 Gangnam Style
0:35 Megalovania
0:57 Science Blaster (AKA Game Theory Theme)
1:19 Beloved Tomboyish Girl - Touhou 6: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
1:33 Soulja Boy
1:44 All Star
1:55 Puzzle Room
2:07 We Fly High - Jim Jones (Chad Warden Intro)
2:18 Snow halation
2:20 Dial up internet sound
2:28 GO MY WAY!! (a Reboot reference)
2:49 The Simpsons Theme
2:54 Family Guy Theme
3:07 The Nutshack Theme
3:19 Meet the Flintstones

Trivia Edit

  • In the description, the composer is credited as Bill "CIA" Wilson.
  • The catchphrase references the theme of watching in Watch paint dry.

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