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DAMN. is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a collaboration with a contributor called Douk Nouk Kem (named after a poorly-drawn comic[1]) to commemorate the 12-year anniversary of Advance Wars: Dual Strike's release in North America[2]. The album cover parodies Kendrick Lamar's album of the same name.

It was announced through the video "A Damned. Announcement."

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Duke. Emblem." SmokyThrill77 2:05
2. "Hetler's Theme. Damn. I'd Like. To. Rip Off. His Head. And Shit Down. His Neck." Douk Nouk Kem 0:59
3. "Damn. The Uninvited. Guest." ivan:/ 1:00
4. "Olaf's Theme. From Advanced Wars. Not Frozen. That's Gay." Douk Nouk Kem 1:15
5. "Advanced Wars. Will. Rock You." Dirty Spaceman 1:19
6. "Grandy's Granthem. Remastered. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 2:31
7. "Douk Bootem. Loves. Tanic. Waterd." Robyn 1:03
8. "Mission. Type 7. From. Famicomd Wars." Douk Nouk Kem 1:34
9. "Metail Badness" CrystalForce 4:21
10. "Grand. Snow Man. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 2:07
11. "Christmas Power!" Juanvi 2:04
12. "Precious. Melodies." Douk Nouk Kem 2:10
13. "The Owl's Spooky Scary Flight" Matsu Muhō 1:09
14. "Sami's Theme. Re Mastered. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 1:16
15. "Bombs and Indirect Combat Units" SUPAHSTAR CLOD 1:11
16. "Damn. nice rip of Olympus. Coli Seum. nice" Douk Nouk Kem feat. Wood Man 1:04
17. "Sorry. I'm Done. Selecting A. Good. Level." SmokyThrill77 0:49
18. "With Mila's Divine Protection (Super Smash Bros. for NES)" Matsu Muhō 4:13
19. "Eternal Battle" Kirbio 2:47
20. "Sturm ~ A Black Wicked Thick Alien" Douk Nouk Kem 1:19
21. "Route Eight (Fire)" Ahmaykmewsik 3:22
22. "Suika's theme" Lenox 2:12
23. "The Stalker's Song" SmokyThrill77 2:45
24. "First Strike. Damn. Naming Tracks. Is Hard." Douk Nouk Kem 1:12
25. "Comrade Cirno Collides" Chaze the Chat 1:13
26. "Damn. Lash's Teahouse." SUPAHSTAR CLOD 1:08
27. "Onii-chan... I won... but at what cost?" Douk Nouk Kem 2:10
28. "Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade - Companions [4-N163]" Matsu Muhō 2:55
29. "Battle Ready" Juanvi 1:41
30. "A Knight's Inspection. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 0:50
31. "Nouk's Magical Mystery Cranny" Toon Link. 1:21
32. "We Are Duke Nukem" Chaze the Chat 2:08
33. "Ice Emblem" Lenox and Matsu Muhō 0:49
34. "Ah, The Whole City's On Fire!" Sonicheroesfan1 3:24
35. "Sen Sei's Theme. From. Advanced Wars. 2. Black. Hole. Rising. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 2:11
36. "Freebase" vince94 feat. sykhro 2:29
37. "The Power of Loadsamoney" Douk Nouk Kem 2:28
38. "HUMBLE. (Fire Emblem Arrange)" SmokyThrill77 0:58
39. "Duke Kazookem" Shengdouk Baba 2:04
40. "Tearing. Shadows. Like. I Tear. Apart. Aliens. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 1:12
41. "A Reversed Test of Might" Lenox 1:18
Hidden tracks
42. "Grandy's Granthem. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 1:52
43. "Grandbag" Douk Nouk Kem 2:08
44. "Grand Snowman." Douk Nouk Kem 1:00
45. "Douk's. Cranny." Douk Nouk Kem 1:10
46. "Sami's Theme. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 1:02
47. "Damn. Those Arien. Bass Turds. Are. Gonna Pay. For Shooting Up. My. Rice." Gook Nouk Kem 1:20

Bonus media

The album also contains several images relating to Duke Nukem, Advance Wars and several games released for the Gameboy Advance.

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  2. Douk Nouk Kem (@dnoukm) Tweet.
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