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The DJ Professor K Takeover event is a channel event celebrating DJ Professor K winning the King for Another Day Tournament as well as the 20th anniversary of Jet Set Radio.


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DJ Professor K was the winner of King for Another Day, beating Mariya Takeuchi in the grand finals. The takeover was held over six months after the tournament had concluded.


The avatar is changed depicting DJ Professor K in a Jet Set Radio-style background. Meanwhile for the banner, the lighthouse is completely replaced with a portion of DJ Professor K's broadcast studio from Jet Set Radio Future, with two arts of DJ Professor K used in King for Another Day and the takeover, both in green, along with the background shown in "DJ Professor K's Takeover: Revealed and Comin' To You LIVE! || SiIvaFes", also in green.

The channel description during this event is:


This is your King for the Day, DJ Professor K! And for the next twenty-four hours, I'm turnin' this channel into a full-on radio station!

I'll be bringing you new rips all day and all night, plus some extras here and there! Oh, and don't worry if you can't watch the whole stream, this'll loop three times so everyone can catch the funky fresh beats!

And don't forget to check out the Mojo, where I plan on bringing you some extra special posts, as well as my kid DJ Doctor K showcasing some badass art in collaboration with Jet Set Sona!


While the description on Twitter is:

This is your king, K, here to bring you the funkiest beats with JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOO!

Later on YouTube, replacing the twitter link & tags:

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Types of rips uploaded

As specified during the King for Another Day Tournament, DJ Professor K's uploads include:

  • Rips featuring music from any SEGA game outside of the Sonic and Puyo Puyo series
  • Rips featuring music by or in the style of Hideki Naganuma (includes Sonic Rush)

In addition, original arrangements were uploaded as tracks from the fake game Jet Set Radio Evolution, including:

  • Remixes of Jet Set Radio/Future tracks
  • Original songs and works by Hideki Naganuma (HOVER, Lethal League Blaze, War of Brains, Dead Heat Riders)
  • Big beat/Naganuma-esque/inspired compositions and remixes of non-Naganuma tracks
  • General energetic remixes of SEGA products according to K's sourcelist (so no Sonic aside from the Rush series)


See also: Category:DJ Professor K Takeover

The video DJ Professor K's Takeover: Revealed and Comin' To You LIVE! || SiIvaFes announced that the takeover would be taking place in the form of a 24 hour livestream on June 29th. On the 29th, it was revealed that the stream would contain nearly 11 hours of music that would be run 3 times, starting a day later than anticipated at 5AM PT on June 30th. The livestream, titled JET SET RADIO - 24/7 FUNKY FRESH BEATS FROM TOKYO-TO, began a bit later than scheduled on June 30, 2020. After the first run concluded, rips began to be published to the channel every fifteen minutes. This process took about three days. Every rip uploaded during the event is featured in the DJ Professor K’s Tokyo-to Tunes to Skate/Tag to playlist. The upload order is as follows:



  • Despite the name of the tournament, and much like the Unregistered HyperCam 2 Takeover before it, this takeover lasted more than a day. In this case, it lasted over a week.
  • The Jet Set Radio Live website has a station dedicated to the takeover and DJ Professor K's promotional rips. During the takeover, the website redirected to K's livestream.
  • On the official SiIvaGunner Discord, this event was ranked the best of 2020.
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