Dancing Alien Team is a King for a Day Tournament contender consisting of three members. They were selected as a unique fan submission.

Dancing_Alien_Team King for a Day Tournament

The Dancing Alien Team was revealed on July 20, 2018 as the tenth competitor. They consist of three members: Howard, Popoy and Marciano. Their source list consists of rips related to aliens, as well as the three members. They lost to Reggie in Match 5 of Round 1.


Lines without a link come from the "All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines!" video.


Against Dancing Alien Team render.pngDancing Alien Team's quote
King Dedede render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"Ya no estás en Dream Land, cabrón."
Weird Al Yankovic render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"¿Entiendes lo que digo, gringo pendejo?"

DJ Professor K render.png

Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"¿A quién tratas de engañar con ese look de astronauta?"
Etika render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"¿No te nos has unido todavía? Nuestros movimientos perrones cambiarán eso..."
Will Smith render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"Ya nos cansó que tú y tus compas vengan matando a nuestra gente."

Howard (thefluffyslipper).png"..."

Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"TUTORIAL COMO VENCER A UN GRABADOR OBSOLETO 100% REAL NO FAKE NO VIRUS 1 LINK ACTUALIZADO MEGA 2018"
Pitbull render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Nosotros te enseñaremos lo que es la buena música, coño 'e la madre."
ZUN render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"Parece que eres hábil esquivando balas ... ¿Puedes bailar, por casualidad wey?"
Reggie Fils-Aimé render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Dizque tienes listo el cuerno? Tonces ábrete el culo, gordi."
Ajit Pai render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Te habrás apoderado de la Red Mundial, pero nosotros nos vamos pa to' el mundo."
Thanos render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"Verde y morado... pero si eres el pinche Piccolo!"
Off_the_Hook_ft._Glenna Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png"Quiero decirte al oído tantas cosas preciosas que estoy sintiendo por ti..."


Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Supongo que no esperabas encontrarnos en lo oscurito, ¿eh?"
Geno render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).png¿Eres una estrella fugaz? Perdón, no te habremos visto de camino pa´ acá."
Wario Bros. render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Eso que haces con las manos en tus piernas no es un baile real, flaquito."


Against Dancing Alien Team render.pngDancing Alien Team's quote
King Dedede render.png Howard (thefluffyslipper).pngPOP STAR: SUCCESSFULLY INVADED.
Weird Al Yankovic render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).pngNi siquiera papel de aluminio evitará que nos apoderemos del mundo, papu."

DJ Professor K render.png

Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"La música que tocó sí estaba pasable pa´ bailar, pero uff, le falta destreza pa´ los guamazos."
Etika render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).pngSi los humanos solían comportarse como este chavo, tal vez será mejor que regresemos a nuestro planeta."
Will Smith render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).pngPrimero los Hombres de Negro, luego el mundo."
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).pngYo no lo descargo porque ya lo he... superado."
Pitbull render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Tú habrás perdido, pero con nosotros, ¡la fiesta nunca para!"
ZUN render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"¡Ah, ZUN! ¡Bienvenido a la cripta!"
Reggie Fils-Aimé render.png Howard (thefluffyslipper).pngYOUR PITIFUL COMPANY WILL MAKE MONEY NO LONGER.
Ajit Pai render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Gracias a Diosito se fue. ¡Sin el internet no tendríamos donde quedarnos!"
Thanos render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"Jajaja, igual nosotros bailamos mejor que tu, ahuevao'"


Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"¡Mándale mis saludos al Coronel!"
Geno render.png Popoy (thefluffyslipper).png"¡Nunca podrás alcanzar nuestro nivel de estrellato!"
Wario Bros. render.png Marcianito (thefluffyslipper).pngVámonos ya, a ver si encontramos Orbulon de una vez."

PopoyMarcianitoHoward King for Another Day Tournament

Main articles: Pitbull and the Aliens, Men in Black

The members of the Dancing Alien Team have been split into two new teams in the King for Another Day Tournament.

Popoy and Marcianito are now paired with Pitbull to form Pitbull and the Aliens, while Howard is now paired with Will Smith to form Men in Black. Each alien brings their own flair to their new teams' sourcelists.

In this interview, it is revealed that the aliens have reunited after both of their losses to form the Dancing Alien Team once again.


  • The Dancing Alien Team is the only competing team in King for a Day whose members split up for King for Another Day.


  • Their victory quote against "Weird Al" Yankovic references his song "Foil".
  • Their quotes used against Will Smith refer to the role he played in the movie Men in Black.
  • Their vs. quote against Unregistered HyperCam 2 references the "Marcianito 100% Real No Fake" meme, which is usually associated with pirated softwares entries under different names, such as "libre de virus".
  • Their victory quote used against Unregistered HyperCam 2 refer to a hispanic meme with a a text-to-speech program called "Loquendo".
  • Their victory quote against ZUN references the El Chombo song "Dame Tu Cosita".
  • Their victory quote against Reggie Fils-Aimé references the Lil Uzi Vert song "Money Longer".
  • Their vs. quote against Thanos references the Kritikal song "Green and Purple".
  • Their vs. quote used against Off the Hook (ft. Glenna Nalira) is a quote taken directly from the song "Nunca Me Faltes" by Antonio Ríos.


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