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"Dancing Mad" is a frequently ripped track from Final Fantasy VI.


"Dancing Mad" is a boss battle theme from Final Fantasy VI used for the final boss, Kefka. "Dancing Mad" is not the typical boss battle theme like in previous Final Fantasy games. The song has four parts, one for each movement of the boss battle. After beating one movement of the boss battle, the song changes and moves to the next movement. This track is notable for being the first boss battle theme from the series to be longer than a typical boss battle track and have unique features for the boss battle.

The song became critically acclaimed by the Final Fantasy community and is considered one of the best songs made by Nobue Uematsu. The song also received a version with lyrics from the live performance "Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy". The song appeared in other games, some notable appearances being: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XV, and Dissidia Final Fantasy.


See also: Category:Dancing Mad and Category:Final Fantasy VI#References in other rips

From both channels, there are currently 10 rips of "Dancing Mad". The first rip of "Dancing Mad" was "Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI", originally uploaded on the GiIvaSunner channel on March 10, 2016[1] and later reuploaded after the channel's termination on June 30, 2016. The rip itself is notable for being painful to listen completely, due to the audio getting incredibly high-pitched at 1:23 and throughout the rest of the rip.

The song is also rarely used as a joke for some rips. Some of these usage cases are arrangement rips that use multiple styles related to the advertised track's source game; examples include "OMORI - OMORI", "Showdown with the Ultimate Chimera - MOTHER 3", and "Crash Dance - Crash Bandicoot".


  1. The key changes between movements, and some movements may have multiple key changes:
    • Movement 1 - C Minor
    • Movement 2 - C# Dorian, C♯ Minor, F Minor, and C Minor
    • Movement 3 - D♭ Major, C♯ Minor, E Minor, G Minor, and G♯ Minor
    • Movement 4 - F Major (Intro), C♯ Minor, and C Minor


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