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"I'd rather prefer GiIvaSunner being taken down than this."

"Dating Fight! - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Dating Fight!" from Undertale.


This rip contains no elements from the advertised track.

The rip begins with a "Careless Whisper" mashup with "Megalovania" playing softly in the background while Sans and Toriel's voices can be heard. Undertale's sound effect for "attacking" plays, then the "hurt" sound effect (which sounds like something being hit) begins repeating rhythmically, implying that the characters are having sexual intercourse. The sound effects increase in frequency until the characters "climax".

Sans then receives a phone call from Papyrus. Sans says a joke (probably relating to him "boning" Toriel) to his brother, prompting Papyrus to awkwardly hang up. Sans and Toriel go at it again as the rip ends.