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"Dedede Fusion Collab" is a high quality rip of "Dedede Fusion Collab", which is a remix of "Mt. Dedede" from the game Kirby's Dream Land.


This rip is based on an eponymous remix collab posted on GilvaSunner's channel.

Similar to how to the genuine collab was constructed, several rippers from the channel participated in compiling several memes (mostly featured on the channel) in the track.

Time Joke Source
0:00-0:03 'INTRO'(not in the original)
0:00 "Rollin'" Limp Bizkit
0:03-0:23 SEGMENT 1 "ああああ"[1][2] ?
0:03 "Crank That" Soulja Boy
0:07 "Who's been drawing dicks?" Vinesauce Joel
0:12 "Space Jam" Quad City DJs
0:23-0:33 SEGMENT 2 "スタスタ" ?
0:23 "Forever" Drake
Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel
0:33-0:44 SEGMENT 3 "mossari"[3] ?
0:33 "Bassline Junkie" Dizzee Rascal
0:44-0:54 SEGMENT 4 "翡乃イスカ" ?
"Bassline Junkie" (cont.) Dizzee Rascal
0:53 Kanye West Compares Himself to Vanellope von Schweetz from "Wreck It Ralph" BBC Radio 1
0:54-1:05 SEGMENT 5 "こふ" ?
0:54 "Through the Fire and Flames" DragonForce
"Bodies" Drowning Pool
1:06-1:16 SEGMENT 6 "梅干茶漬け" ?
1:06 "Live & Learn" Sonic Adventure 2
1:16-1:27 SEGMENT 7 "EBIMAYO" ?
1:16 "Stamp on the Ground" ItaloBrothers
???????????? The Quick Brown Fox
1:26 "Bane?" The Dark Knight Returns
1:27-1:37 SEGMENT 8 "アクジ" ?
1:27 "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" Neon Genesis Evangelion
"Live & Learn" Sonic Adventure 2
1:37-1:47 SEGMENT 9 "風上ユウオン" ?
1:37 "Fireflies" Owl City
1:47-1:58 SEGMENT 10 "黄泉路テヂーモ" ?
1:47 "Fireflies" (cont.) Owl City
Loud Nigra (very faintly) BIG Ben
1:49 "Snow halation" μ's
"Death by Glamour" Undertale
1:59-2:09 SEGMENT 11 "とぼけがお" ?
1:59 "The Mountains (Act 06)" The Smurfs (NES)
"S.L.A.B Freestyle" Chip tha Ripper
"Title Theme & Ending" The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
2:08 "Kyoto" Skrillex ft. Sirah
2:10-2:20 SEGMENT 12 "sky_delta" ?
2:10 "Kyoto" (cont.) Skrillex ft. Sirah
"Look at Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes" Chris Brown
2:15 "Bangarang" (very faintly) Skrillex
2:20-2:30 SEGMENT 13 "p_d" ?
2:20 "Animals" Maroon 5
"Thrift Shop ft. Wanz" Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
2:30 "Hard In Da Paint" Waka Flocka
2:30 "DJ EBAN" dnopasta
2:31-2:41 SEGMENT 14 "M/K" ?
2:31 "Hard In Da Paint" (cont.) Waka Flocka
"El Sonidito" Hechizeros Band
Loud Nigra BIG Ben
2:40 "Pruane2 Getting His Ass Kicked!" MrPruane2forever
2:42-2:52 SEGMENT 15 "夕立" ?
2:42 "SUCK DIS TORCH"[4] KroboProductions
"PPruane2 Getting His Ass Kicked!" (cont. slow mo song) MrPruane2forever
"Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)" New Order
2:51 "BIG GAY DANCE" Christopher Niosi & Rina-Chan
2:52-3:03 SEGMENT 16 "いーた" ?
2:52 "Gangnam Style" PSY
2:55 Crowd Laughing Stock sound effect
3:03-3:13 SEGMENT 17 "ああああ" ?
3:03 "Ren'ai Circulation" Bakemonogatari
"Platinum Disco" Nisemonogatari
3:05 Various Gachi slap sounds Professional Pants-Wrestling
3:09 Gachi scream Professional Pants-Wrestling
3:11 Kirby's Falcon Punch! Super Smash Bros.
3:13-3:19 OUTRO
3:13 "Bonfire" Childish Gambino
"It Takes Two" Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock


  • This rip was dedicated to the symbolic milestone of the channel getting 7000 (aka 7 grand) subscribers (see SiIvaGunner's comment below). The playlist "7k" is a reference to that (and also a parody of GilvaSunner's playlist "150k"[5] which includes several remixes including the original "Dedede Fusion Collab").
  • As of November 4, 2020, it's the 15th most watched video on SiIvaGunner's channel, with 1.4M+ views. Ironically, it has more than 8 times the amount of views than GilvaSunner's original video.
  • The video's description deviates from the traditional format, because it copies the description of GilvaSunner's original collab. The only difference from GilvaSunner's video description is the inclusion of SiIvaGunner's traditional catchphrase in its usual place.
  • Kairi Sato's picture is a little darker than in GilvaSunner's original video, for an unknown reason.
  • It's one of the few rips to be featured on several official SiIvaGunner playlists at the same time: the video description links to the 7k playlist, however, the rip is also included in the kirbtunes playlist (similar to the original "Dedede Fusion Collab" which is included in both "150k" and "kirbtunes" GilvaSunner playlists, while its description only links to the former).
  • Vargskelethor Joel and SiIvaGunner commented on this video:

SiIvaGunnerThe account now has 7 Grand Subscribers! Thanks for enjoying my high quality rips :)

Vargskelethor JoelVery happy to have the regularly scheduled high quality rips back.

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  1. – Original "Dedede Fusion Collab" posted by ああああ, description includes list of participants in order of appearance.
  2. Approximate pronounciation of Japanese names (courtesy of Stroovething): ああああ (Aaaa), スタスタ (Sutasuta), 翡乃イスカ (Hiosamuisuka), こふ (Kofu), 梅干茶漬け (Umeboshi Chadzuke), アクジ (Akuji), 風上ユウオン (Kazakami Yuuon), 黄泉路テヂーモ (Yomiji Tedjīmo), とぼけがお (Tobokegao), 夕立 (Yūdachi), いーた (Ita).
  3. The original segment featured a bass drop in the middle, which was probably the reason for the meme choice.
  4. A reupload of KroboProductions' original YTP video
  5. Link to 150k playlist by GilvaSunner
  6. Wayback Machine

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