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"Donkey Kong Jr. Music - Game Start" is a high quality rip of "Game Start" from Donkey Kong Jr..


The rip is a remake of the full track that plays in the original Arcade version (which begins with a snippet from "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach) with the pitch and tempo matching the unedited second half from the NES port.


  • This rip originally used the thumbnail for Donkey Kong Jr. Math, which can still be seen in the video itself. It was later changed to the proper thumbnail.
  • To replicate GilvaSunner's upload of the track, the description has the following changes:
    • The playlist link has been replaced by "Game: Donkey Kong Jr." and this has been moved to above the composer line.
    • The platform line has been replaced by "Franchise: Donkey Kong".