Douk Nouk Kem. Is A Contributor. To The Sii Va Gun Ner Channel. Damn.


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Douk Nouk Kem. Frequently Rips. Songs From The Duke Nukem. Advanced Wars. And Fire Emblem Series. (Even Though. Fire Emblem. Is Just. A Crappier Version. Of Advanced Wars.)[1]

He Started Ripping. For The Fan Channel. Timmy Turner's. Grand Dad. His First Rip. Was "Andy's Theme - Advance Wars". Triple Q Criticized. This Rip. For Being Off Key. But Quickly Became. One Of Douk's. Biggest Fans.[2][3]

His First Rip. On Sii Va Gun Ner. Was "Into the Shadow of Triumph - Fire Emblem". For Al Bert Sof Tie's Birthday. Originally A Rip. For TTGD. It Gained Attention. From Chaze. And Douk Was. Invited To The Team.[4]

Douk's Other Contributions. To Sii Va Gun Ner. Include. A Collaboration. With Wood Man. To Make. "Olympus Coliseum - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories". Nice.

On August 22. 2017. Sii Va Gun Ner Released. DAMN. An Album. Featuring All Of. Douk Nouk Kem's Rips. And Other Rips. From The Duke Nukem. Advanced Wars. And Fire Emblem Series.

Since 2017. Douk Nouk Kem Has Been Working. On A Second Album. DAMN Forever.[5]


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