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Douk Nouk Kem is a contributor to the SiIvaGunner channel.


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Douk Nouk Kem frequently ripped songs from the Duke Nukem 3D, Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem series.

He originally started ripping for the fan channel TimmyTurnersGrandDad. His first rip was "Andy's Theme - Advance Wars".

His first rip on SiIvaGunner was "Into the Shadow of Triumph - Fire Emblem" for Albert Softie's Birthday. Originally a rip for TTGD, it gained attention from Chaze the Chat.[1]

Douk's other contributions to SiIvaGunner include "Olympus Coliseum - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories".

On August 22. 2017, SiIvaGunner released DAMN., an album featuring all of Douk Nouk Kem's rips, and other rips from the Duke Nukem, Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem series.



  1. "Lol that rip got a chuckle out of me, I won't lie" - Tweet by @ChazeOldTwit. Twitter. December 4. 2016.
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