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Dr. Pavel's How the Grinch Took Over SiIvaGunner is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. It primarily comprises rips from the Grinch Takeover and Christmas 2019, as well as other Christmas-themed rips published between 2016 and 2020. Its title references the character "Dr. Pavel", being a pun on the Baneposting meme and the original author of The Grinch, Dr. Seuss.

It was announced through the video "Illumination's The Grinch™ Presents: One Last Leak...".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "One Last Leak..." The Grinch 1:58
2. "Super Crab Bros. Ultirave" UUN4 0:12
3. "C'Mon N Ride the Ultimate Bootleg Hype Train" SmokyThrill77 feat. Not André 3000 and Chaze the Chat 2:58
4. "The First Day of Christmas" Ethan 0:20
5. "An_​Epic_​Beginning_​[DIGITAL_​REMASTER]_​(Upscaled4X)_​128_​kbps_​MP4_​2018.mp3.OGG (1)" Jp, Retro Gaming 0:57
6. "Snowing smashine" MtH 3:25
7. "Grand Glacier 7" Kirbio 2:12
8. "gadunk village" The Duane 0:57
9. "CHORLIE BROWN (this is what the refrance)" cookiefonster 2:13
10. "New Super Smash Bros." MtH 1:11
11. "11PM with the Grinch" Ahmaykmewsik 4:28
12. "1, 2, Oatmeal (Actual In-Game Version)" SmokyThrill77 2:18
13. "Skating Underwater, Somehow" Ethan 1:10
14. "No Pac-Man, Smash is baaaad!" Nernant 0:06
15. "The Night Daroach Went Crazy" Ethan 2:49
16. "Beats vs. The Holiday Beats" HUMILI✞Y BEFORE HONOR 2:18
17. "Jingle All the Way Down to the Bonus Room" beardfear 0:55
18. "Save on Everything on Route 18" Hinchy ft. PinkieOats and toonlink 1:42
19. "Lol: mario and friends get loose on battlefield" Cosmic199X 0:12
20. "Honoka leads SiIva's finest to perform N.A.S.T.Y. Halation & Knuckles" HUMILI✞Y BEFORE HONOR 3:29
21. "Searching for the Wonderful Christmastime" Ethan 1:53
22. "All µ's On Me vs. Bittersweet Halation" HUMILI✞Y BEFORE HONOR 4:13
23. "Ultimate Sunset" Ethan 1:07
24. "How the Grinch Leaked Gadget, Tito, and Kris" Bruh de la Boi 2:24
25. "Taken from the Ice Caps ~ The Polar Festival in the Air" Scribblenaut19 6:29
26. "Blizzard Peaks Promotional Edition" Collin Barrett 2:57
27. "Weird Al accidentally nukes Frosty Village" Ethan 3:08
28. "Outlaws from the Throne" SmokyThrill77 3:35
29. "Winter in Clock Town" Sarvéproductions 2:04
30. "Dino and Hoppy more like Mario (YEAH)" The Duane 0:22
31. "Yuki Halation II" Ethan 3:27
32. "FURENZU SUTAAR DORIFTO​?​!" Kirbio 4:14
33. "Ferb, I Know What We're Gonna Rip Today!" ChristopherLry 1:48
34. "CoId and SiIent" Elecmarol 1:46
35. "Rudolph on the Draw" Ethan 0:44
36. "The Glimmer Revolving (Ponydub)" Grambam36, Ashley 1:41
37. "pokemon white because its christmas idfk i hate naming these" adumb 2:31
38. "Kris and Susie Fulfill a Snowman's Dream" Sarvéproductions 1:20
39. "Sylvalect" Ethan 0:53
40. "I'll take Christmas Songs for 400" Aquacycle 0:48
41. "Snowman Gardens" Ethan 2:09
42. "Jingle All the Way to Viridian City" beardfear 0:45
43. "EveryQuest is Here" JJokerDude 1:48
44. "Ice Brain Island" SmokyThrill77 2:17
45. "In The Trainers' School" Retro Gaming 1:10
46. "HOly Fuck, it's the Bean" KnightOfGames 1:26
47. "Ice Man Chills Out" SoundSync5000 2:33
48. "jfc i made a lot of rips for christmas 2018" Ethan 1:51
49. "Homely Christmas Inn" adumb 1:49
50. "Green-Eyed Jealousy" Tristan G. 3:11
51. "Jingle All the Way to Akihabara Station" beardfear 0:22
52. "Let it Battle" Ethan 1:32
53. "giving someone cash as a christmas present is a gimmick" UUN4 2:20
54. "Reindeer Athletics" beardfear 1:25
55. "a minion calls gru a faggot and gru responds with "the fuck you say to me you little shit"" UUN4 0:07
56. "A Friendly Christmas Warning" Hinchy 1:45
57. "MOTHERGASCAR (Alex the Lion's Reccomendation)" Ethan 0:14
58. "Sparing Monsters and Nice Fights" Sarvéproductions 0:30
59. "an inferior version of the snowball park sprite cranberry rip" Ethan 1:53
60. "Haltmann Mystery of Dendemille Town" Kirbio 1:23
61. "Snow halation (acapella) (Remastered)" trivial171, wolfman1405, Kim Dauber, Popushi, Faz, Half Pixel, SeventhSentinel 4:10
62. "Houyou Halation" Ethan 1:55
63. "Built to Jingle Bells" letcreate 1:37
64. "sm64silent" coraldev 0:21
65. "jfc this was the first rip i did how was it never released" prinms gamer. 1:45
66. "Caramellcavesen" The Duane 1:48
67. "oh god oh fuck dont close your eyes while driving a train youll crash into something" Ethan 0:31
68. "funny bells" TheEpicMan 1:12
69. "DK Passed Peacefully On Christmas" Retro Gaming 1:24
70. "Inside the Christmas Tree" Torfstack 0:48
71. "I Do Not Like Christmas Shopping" Retro Gaming 0:49
72. "Someday on an Island Where Mimigas are Free" BarryBM 1:14
73. "Snowy Snowy Art Club" Aquacycle 1:33
74. "Nice of DK to invite us over for a kart race, eh Luigi?" beardfear 1:22
76. "Fez is Home for Christmas" Ahmaykmewsik 1:35
77. "Trail on Powdery Snow Halation" Ethan ft. Grambam36 5:08
78. "OG Maco & Luigi: Bitches In Time" I am Jemboy 2:55
79. "Bowling on Toy Day" Ethan 0:21
80. "The Grand Brrrgh" Aquacycle 0:50
81. "Carol of the Triforce" Ethan 1:59
82. "Bonus Game Over yeahh" The Duane 0:05
83. "Yell "Boom Tap"" Cryptrik 2:46
84. "I'm Not Yo Daddy, I'm Yo Grand Dad!" OnBP 3:07
85. "Middle Grad (Flones Mode)" Retro Gaming 2:08
86. "GRAND AE86 (FOR CHRISTMAS MIX)" BlindedVanguard573/BVG music 1:28
87. "How Saddam Hussein Stole Christmas" Ethan 1:57
88. "Don't Be A Jerk, Mario!" Sanic7HQR 1:32
89. "My Face When (MFw) GADGEt room rip for "Christmas"" Retro Gaming 2:00
90. "Bach Goes to a Monster Party" Maggie 0:35
91. "Ice Transformers" RANDY02 0:03
92. "What Resort is This (Rainbowsleves)" Ethan 1:27
93. "Meta Knight's Defeated (Hallelujah!)" Sarvéproductions 1:35
94. "mario christmas adventrure" Retro Gaming 1:24
95. "Dreams of Snow and Bones" Sarvéproductions 4:09
96. "Have Yourself a Nuvema Little Christmas" Ethan 1:44
97. "Felix Mario" Grantham 1:19
98. "Last Christmas in Azalea" Prims df jnjndfoaihnsf 2:34
99. "Nice (Santa's Recommendation)" adumb 1:36
100. "My Little Robot Master Can't Possibly Be This Frosty" Ethan 1:42
101. "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Booms and Taps" HUMILI✞Y BEFORE HONOR 0:57
102. "ryuko in kirby be like "wtf mako im in kirby holy shit"" Ethan 2:49
103. "Sprite Lane" SmokyThrill77 0:26
104. "S'winter Beach (no one calls it wummer and anyone who claims otherwise is lying)" Ethan 1:20
105. "Tokyo Station Halation" beardfear 0:14
106. "HHGregg's Memories" Ethan 1:50
107. "Bounty Hunter Like U" UUN4 1:42
108. "jfc i made a lot of rips for christmas 2019" Ethan 0:51
109. "Promised Land (Mario I Lift Your Name On High) - Super Mario Bros. 3" UUN4 1:37
110. "Fuyu ga Bianca Yokan (from Kirby: Super Star Ultra and definitely not Pokemon Black & White)" Ethan 1:02
111. "Tundra Halation (featuring Misaka Mikoto from the Toaru Majutsu no Index Series)" SmokyThrill77 3:13
112. "Damn, remember when I kept trying to put "Close Your Eyes" from G-Senjou no Maou into nearly every rip I'd make? Good times..." Ethan 1:48
113. "World of Dr. Light" cookiefonster 0:45
114. "Last Grand Dad, I memed you my Kirby" Ratrin Rængeon Racyæan Rartrin 1:30
115. "Misery halation" Chaze the Chat 4:19
116. "Don't Wanna Snow" Chaze the Chat 4:19
117. "Block Rockin' Santa Claus (is Coming to Town)" HUMILI✞Y BEFORE HONOR 2:22
118. "megalovania but its reddit" Blue9Fairy 2:50
119. "christmas fred copout rip" UUN4 3:18
120. "How the Grinch Cancelled Christmas" Krizis 3:01
121. "Lifelight Fusion Collab" Chaze the Chat, Hinchy, and friends 3:54
Hidden tracks
122. "Kazoo Your Eyes" Ethan64Music 5:13
123. "Trail on Powdery Kazoo (Full Version)" Ethan 1:42

Bonus media

The album includes one bonus image; it depicts "bingus" (a Sphynx cat) with its ears edited out.


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