E3 2019 Press Kit is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a compilation album of most rips uploaded during the E3 2019 Event.

It was announced through the video "A leaky announcement".

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "wheelcome to the siiva direct" wheel able 0:11
2. "Grandtilda's Lair (Remastered)" Ethan64Music, Avolience 4:02
3. "Cats Like Lights" Sarvéproductions 3:54
4. "Raring to Slide!" Bruh de la Boi 1:41
5. "Mango Kazooie" RHMan 1:22
6. "Everything is Ironic" Ethan64Music 2:42
7. "Mumbo's barbeque be yankin" RHMan 2:04
8. "Robby's Theme" RHMan 0:50
9. "How Microsoft treats Banjo" SmokyThrill77 0:12
10. "be3lies.mid" Ethan64Music 3:23
11. "The End of Bartzabel" eg_9371 3:21
12. "Big (Fucking) Gun" eg_9371 2:06
13. "Joel Dies (Spoilers)" No Mercy 9999vr 0:09
14. "Raw Sun" Niko+ 2:38
15. "305 Disco" Jp 3:00
16. "Blue Balls of Destiny (Autumn Balls)" SmokyThrill77 01:25
17. "CRYSTALS." Niko+ 3:28
18. "Chipstals" RHMan 2:05
19. "that was easy" Niko+ 0:18
20. "Spotlight" RHMan 2:26
21. "'G' Thangs and Paper Planes Forever" SmokyThrill77 1:41
22. "Kyun! Vampire the Mascarade" SmokyThrill77 3:12
23. "Flintstoney Day" RHMan 1:20
24. "Shenmue III, exclusive to the Epic Store" SmokyThrill77 2:01
25. "Ubifox's Creed (Live)" Ahmaykmewsik 4:51
26. "tokers2lion.mid" Bruh de la Boi 2:39
27. "Con Cupcake" ChickenSuitGuy 2:54
28. "Souls Burst Into Song" Sarvéproductions 0:47
29. "spontaneous harlem shake ha lol" UUN4 2:36
30. "another year, another lack of Rayman" SmokyThrill77 0:42
31. "Life Fiber Temple" Ethan64Music 0:56
32. "Let the Battles Begin! (Live Orchestra)" SmokyThrill77 1:25
33. "dead.wav" Ethan64Music 0:03
34. "Chip Regrets Watching Anime." Sarvéproductions 2:11
35. "Worker Grand Dad Entry Name" Retro Gaming 0:14
36. "Lines of Fate (OFFICIAL KFAD2 THEME)" wolfman1405 0:20
37. "If it takes forever, I will wait for a new F-Zero game" SmokyThrill77 0:16
38. "How Nintendo treats Banjo" beardfear 0:06
39. "Sexy Grandpa Prime" Jp 1:39
40. "smb3 is just doki doki panic 2" Bruh de la Boi 1:07
41. "Splatoon 2: Op Extansion" beardfear 1:22
42. "Forest Trail (Edit Mode)" Ethan64Music 2:16
43. "The FireRed​/​LeafGreen OST sucks" Chaze the Chat 1:11
44. "Good Morning Tazmily!" Sarvéproductions 2:37
45. "Teagem Town" cookiefonster 2:00
46. "Makerama" Ethan64Music 0:34
47. "Man, it's a Wet Floor" Ethan64Music 0:21
48. "It's Something Unpredictable" Sanic7HQR 1:38
49. "But In The End It's Right" Sanic7HQR 1:32
50. "Koopa Cart Surfer" Retro Gaming 1:48
52. "Show Floor Descent (ft. Freddiigunner)" Kirbio 3:12
53. "Take Me Home, Country Snow" SmokyThrill77 4:19
54. "Banjo and Erdrick make amends" SmokyThrill77 1:31
55. "be3lies.mid (Nuclear Winter Update)" Ethan 3:23

Bonus media Edit

One bonus image was included on the album: DiaperGaming64's profile picture (as seen in "A leaky announcement"):

See also Edit

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