"EDM Lit Machine - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament" is a high quality rip of "EDM Lit Machine" from SiIvaGunner: King For a Day Tournament.


This rip is dedicated to the character Will Smith, who in the King for a Day Tournament represents rips related to Will Smith's songs and movies and to "Fesh Pince". This rip is a medley mashup centering on Will's 2017 single with DJ Jazzy Jeff, "Get Lit".

Time Joke Source
0:00 EDM Death Machine Knife Party
0:02 Get Lit Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff
0:03 Droppin' Low Stonebank
1:01, 1:16, 1:32, 1:46, 2:02 Switch Will Smith
2:48 Get Ready (Steve Aoki Remix) 2 Unlimited

After the "EDM Death Machine" line "No one will do the Harlem Shake", the music briefly stops with a snap, referencing the defeat in the tournament by Thanos, who wipes out life with a snap of his fingers, of Ajit Pai, who in the tournament was associated with the song "Harlem Shake" by Baauer.

References Edit

  1. EDM Lit Machine, Cryptrik's own Soundcloud upload
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