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Electric de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII is a high quality rip of "Electric de Chocobo" from Final Fantasy VII.


The rip starts off with a clip from Bird Up!, a sketch on The Eric Andre Show. The clip is where Eric Andre sticks his finger in a woman's mouth, saying "Yah boobay" and dances with her, where the woman doesn't seem annoyed, in fact, she joins in with the joke.

The chords are changed into the tune of "Meet the Flintstones". 

Throughout the whole video, you could see the Official GiivaSunner Seal of Quality stamp, next to adult logo on the bottom right.

At 0:05, the line where Eric Andre says, "You got some poppyseed in your mouth", the word "poppyseed" is replaced with an audio clip of one [1] of Xarlable's friends, saying "high quality video game rips", used from the video HOTEL GIIVASUNNER.

At 0:15, a slowed down version of the song "Electric de Chocobo" comes in.

Seeing that the green suit Eric Andre serves as a green screen, the ripper replaced the green screen with obscure pictures and clips.

  • At 0:11, it's a clip from the video "HOTEL GIIVASUNNER" by Xarlable.
  • At 0:24, it's a picture of a fat Chocobo.
  • At 0:33, it's an edited picture from the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, "Artist Unknown", at the 4:13 timestamp, where Squidward places a clay duplicate of his nose on SpongeBob's sculpture, except Squidward has Smol Nozomi's hair, and the sculpture's face is replaced with GiIvaSunner's face, wearing Grand Dad's hat.
  • At 0:35, it's a slowed down scene from the video "Batman v Superman - Nostalgia Critic" by the YouTube user Channel Awesome.

The rip ends with the chord change from the beginning, and with Grand Dad's head replacing the bird's head. At 0:42, The sound of a Loud Nigra scream can be heard before it gets cut off.


  • The channel description is in the form of the Adult Swim logo.
  • This is the first rip to feature Bird Up!


  1. [1] by Xarlable.