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"Episode VIII.5 ~A Fragmentary Interlude~ - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a lore video released for National Kazoo Day.

It was released between "Advent of Hell" and "Loves the Ladies". The dialogue in its integrality was eventually put at the end of the eighth episode of the CCC (hence the "VIII.5" in the title), with this video being unlisted.


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[♫ "A Little Heart to Heart" - Team Fortress 2]

The Voice:
The deed has been done. An entire day's worth of kazoo rips.

Très bien!
Zese have brought a tear to my eye, like ze first time I heard Céline.
I sank you and your team for producing zese masterpieces.
Kazoo is such a beautiful instrument...

The Voice:
So will you provide your services to me?

Oui. You have my hand in battle.
I shall vanquish anyone you desire.

The Voice:
I have an inside agent looking to take down a resistance group. He's in the field now, but I think he could use some backup.

Is zat so?

The unknown figure hands the Voice a button.

As strong as I am, I cannot stay in your realm for very long.
So, zis is an on-call bouton. Press it, and I shall rendezvous to its location, ready to strike. I suggest you give it to zis agent of yours.
But, ah, caution. After pressing it, you may want to back off before ze portal opens.

The Voice:
Excuse me?

Ah, c'est pas rien. Here is bouton.
Once again, merci beaucoup for ze kazoo rips. I must go now.

The Voice:
I look forward to seeing you fight.

To be continued ~



  • The complex title is a reference to the naming of Kingdom Hearts, more specifically Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage.
  • On October 1[note 1] the rip was put in the Haltmann's Archives playlist, and the playlist link in the description was modified from The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis to Haltmann's Archives.


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