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"Fighting Onward - Space Port - Sonic Forces" is a high quality rip of "Fighting Onward - Space Port" from Sonic Forces.


The advertised track is mashed up with "Dreams of an Absolution" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). At 1:04, a synth plays "Egg Reverie - Egg Reverie Zone" from Sonic Mania. At 1:26, the melody changes to "Hopes and Dreams" from Undertale, followed by "Your Best Friend", also from Undertale, at 1:47. At 2:09, two melodies are played: "Chemical Plant Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 more prominently and "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog in the background.

At 2:31, "Megalovania" is mashed up with the track, and a synth part joins in unison at 2:42. At 2:52, the advertised track's vocals are pitch-shifted to "Megalovania," and the vocals of "Dreams of an Absolution" are added and pitch-shifted to "Megalovania" at 3:02.

At 3:24, we hear a reprise of the "Egg Reverie - Egg Reverie Zone" and "Hopes and Dreams" segments. At 4:29, a synth plays "Totino's". At 4:51, we hear "Megalovania" again as the music fades out.