"Final Bowser Battle - Super Mario 3D Land" is a high quality rip of "Final Bowser Battle" from Super Mario 3D Land.

Jokes list Edit

The rip is a medley rip and mashup of different sources, from which many are Soundclown memes. It may be a reference to SoundCloud announcing a possible shutdown.[2][3] On July 14, 2017, Soundcloud announced that the service will not go anywhere.[4]

The song has a 3/4 time signature so most of the mashup sources, which are 4/4, are edited in order to fit 3/4.

Time Song name
  • Source
0:00 "Ayyyyyy" sample "Gangnam Style"
0:00 Takyon Death Grips
0:15 Gangnam Style PSY
0:15 "OP" sample Gangnam Style
0:33 "Space Jam" Quad City DJ's
0:33 "Crank Dat"' steel drums Soulja Boy
0:42 Crank Dat (Soulja Boy) Soulja Boy
0:51 Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

0:51 Look At Me Now

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

1:08 The Nutshack Intro Theme The Nutshack
1:16  S.L.A.B Freestyle Chip tha Ripper
1:16 Loud Nigra
1:26 Unknown from M.E. Sonic Adventure
1:26 Haunted House 8-bit Beast's "Haunted House"
1:34 Howie scream Stock Sound Effect
1:35 Whales Hail Mary Mallon
1:43 All Star Smash Mouth
1:53 All Star (again) Smash Mouth
2:00 DK Rap (CG Rap) DK 64
2:01 Crawling Linkin Park
2:14 Snow halation (Ft. Loud Nigra singing along) Love Live!
2:18  Taykon Death Grips
2:18 "Ayyyyyy" Sample Gangnam Style

References Edit

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