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"Final Destination ~ Super Smash Bros. Universe (April Fools)" is a high quality April Fools' rip, allegedly of "Final Destination" from Super Smash Bros. Universe.


This rip mirrors GilvaSunner's 2012 April Fools' Day joke upload (archive) of the track "We Bros X" by SBFR (which is a remix of "Final Destination" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) under the same fake game title, and is a medley mashup based on the remix.

Time Joke Source
0:01 Fanboy & Chum Chum theme Fanboy & Chum Chum
0:09 "Nerf This!" ChelHellbunny
0:10 The Cleveland Show theme The Cleveland Show
"OH OH MY GOD" (Trickshot Reaction) MLG
"Rubber Band" Jackal Queenston
0:12 Moaning Noise/Gemidão do zap Alexis Texas
0:15 "FUCK YOU!" Gachimuchi
0:17 "Minecraft with Gadget" Mike Matei
0:18 "The Bet (Edited)" MovieEdits/ SpongyPantsEditor
0:19 "7.00!!! OMG!!! NEW PB! OMG!! OMG!!! SO CLOSE TO SIX!! OOMMGG!!!" speedstackinggirl
Baby Got Flank iBringDaLulz
Loud Nigra Wife Enjoys Big Ben
0:21 "Sneakman" Jet Set Radio
0:22 Old Spice commercials Old Spice/ Terry Crews
"Mario be playin' T-Dub" T-Dub
0:24 "Transphobic Techno" Your Favorite Martian
0:27 "Go kill yourself, bitch." Dr. Phil
0:27 "Oh my gosh" Ray William Johnson
0:29 "say it ain't low" goreshit
0:38 "Bassline Junkie" Dizzee Rascal
0:39 "Bla Bla Bla" Gigi D'Agostino
0:43 ”Nope” Team Fortress 2
0:46 "DEEZ NUTS!" (?) Welven da Great
0:48 "Temporary Secretary" Paul McCartney
various clips Tony Zaret
0:58 ??? ???
1:07 "Fancy" Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
"...Baby One More Time" Britney Spears
1:16 "Because I'm Me" The Avalanches
1:17 "Hymn For The Weekend" Coldplay
1:26 "Gangsta's Paradise" Coolio
1:27 "S.L.A.B. Freestyle" (drums) Chip tha Ripper
"We Are Number One" (leads pitched to melody) LazyTown
1:30, 1:35 Scream Gachimuchi
1:39 "Gangnam Style" (EYYs pitched to melody) PSY
1:43 "FUCK!" Fuck Bees
1:46 "Blumenkranz" Kill la Kill
"Through the Fire and Flames" DragonForce
"Smooth" Santana ft. Rob Thomas
(an arragement of "P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection)") Kirby: Planet Robobot, Unknown
1:54 "I'm Not Yo Daddy, I'm Yo Grandpa" (drums) Biff Chitlins
1:55 "Yankin" Lady
"Space Jam" Quad City DJs
2:13 "Mope" Bloodhound Gang
2:15 "S.L.A.B. Freestyle" Chip tha Ripper
2:24 "Tetris beatbox" (Vocoded) Verbalase
2:31 "Crank That" Soulja Boy
2:36 "Big Chungus" (background vocals) Endigo
2:43 "UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL - Animation Song Parody" LHUGUENY
2:47 OH MY GOSH!!! Ray William Johnson
2:50 "Goomba Got Back" Gaijin Goombah
2:52 "😂BILLIE EILISH PARODY😂" Tony Zaret
2:53 "Big Chungus" CG5
2:53 "Turn Down for What" (background scratching noises) DJ Snake, Lil Jon
2:55 "SML Movie: Jeffy The Psychic!" SuperLuigiLogan
3:02 "Crank Dat Super Mario" Crank Squad
"Absolute Territory" Ken Ashcorp
"Gangnam Style" (faint Ops) PSY
3:07 "Harlem Shake" Baauer
3:22 "It's Everyday Bro" Jake Paul ft. Team 10
3:30 "Die Young" Ke$ha
3:31 "Take On Me" a-ha
3:35 "Revenge" TryHardNinja ft. CaptainSparklez
3:41 Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney (pitch shifted to main melody) ERB
3:41 Various YTP Sources
  • Fuck "Inward Singing" by Tenacious D
  • Pussy - "Like a Boss" by Lonely Island
3:42 "Eat the fucking hamburger" ??? (possible from full version of this video, or similar Spongebob YTP's)
3:43 This male scream N/A
3:44 "FUCK!" AngryVideoGameNerd
The Love Plug
3:44 "What the Fuck!" ???
3:45 "Gay" iDubbbz
3:46 "Ching chong ching chong chiiiing" This video by


3:46 "Bruh Sound Effect #2" (?) Jame Benedict
3:47 ??? ???
3:48 "Takyon (Death Yon)" Death Grips
3:50 "When your" When Your Mom brings home Taco Bell vine
3:51 "Pizza" pizzaday.wmv
3:51 "Super(?)" ???
3:51 "Gun" Kitchen Gun
3:52-3:54 "Hello" Five Nights at Freddy's 2
3:54 "What the fuck!" manwith10toes3/ Dunkin for Doughnuts
3:55 ”We're gonna be talking about the penis!” Beavis and Butt-Head Season 2, Episode 14: "No Laughing, Part 2"
3:55 "A piss" Mario Pissing
3:54-3:56 ??? (various jokes) ???
3:56 Toot Emote Club Penguin
3:56 "Hamood" Hamood Habibi
3:57 Bonk sound effect This sound
3:58 "1, 2, 3 ,4" This vine
3:59 "It's Fushigiiiii!" Fushigi Ball Commercial
4:00 "Whales" Hail Mary Mallon
4:05 "Gangnam Style" (Ops) PSY
4:10 "Shots" LMFAO ft. Lil Jon
4:19 "Revenge" TryHardNinja ft. CaptainSparklez
4:28 Jack Black defines Octagon (OH MAN!) Sesame Street
4:44 Bird Up! The Eric Andre Show
4:45 "Meet the Flintstones" (played by the Bird Up! jingle) Hoyt Curtin


  • This rip serves as the finale for the April Fools' Day 2020 event on the channel.
  • Just like GilvaSunner's video, the rip was originally uploaded as just "Final Destination ~ Super Smash Bros. Universe". [1] The "(April Fools)" was added on April 3.
  • The video is five seconds longer than GilvaSunner's, due to the use of Bird Up! at 4:44.



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