Flustered Fernando is a channel controlled by Chaze the Chat and at least one other person,[1] including Xarlable.[2] Its main purpose is to re-upload controversial rips that were removed from the main channel, such as the ones using Green de la Bean and the 9/11 2016 rips.

History Edit

The Flustered Fernando YouTube channel is actually a reused name from a Tumblr account that was started much earlier as part of the first Reboot ARG. It was found by taking the seventh letter of each track in the ARG album, as instructed by the argiNduoL Twitter account. It mostly contained pictures of Angry Joe, but had two download links leading to the next step of the ARG. After the conclusion of the ARG, the Tumblr would still post, mostly answering questions submitted to it.

The YouTube and Twitter accounts were created on 9/11 2016 to reupload all of the rips for that event, as well as to reupload all of the Green de la Bean rips. Since then, the channel has occasionally uploaded rips using controversial jokes, including Pupa, Elliot Rodger, an exclusive event day with rips featuring Michael Richards's racist rant (in both 2016 and 2017), among other things.

The Tumblr has been inactive since December 2017. Similarly, the YouTube has been inactive since June 2018. The Twitter was the last to go inactive, with its last tweet being posted in August 2018. The accounts themselves provide no explanation for the disappearance, but it's been stated by team members[citation needed] that Flustered Fernando went inactive due to the rise of cancel culture, and the risk of SiIvaGunner getting cancelled by offended fans.

Rips Edit

Due to the nature of this channel's videos, most of them aren't covered on this wiki.
See also: The Supreme Visitor (FILE-06) - Haltmann's Archives, Category:Removed rips, Category:Non-SiIvaGunner album releases, and Bad Moon Rising - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis

Controversial subjects aside, the rips on Flustered Fernando channel meet the main channel's 2016-2017 standards. The channel, for the most part, would only upload during its event days. The rips on the channel usually have jokes in the descriptions parodying the usual GilvaSunner description format, rather than legitimate information as in normal SiIva videos. The channel does not have any game playlists.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Flustered Fernando" was originally a nickname for Angry Joe used on the Internet forum Dead Horse Interchangeable.[3]
  • The banner on the Flustered Fernando YouTube channel features (from left to right):

References Edit

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