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"Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix) - Bayonetta" is a rip of the ∞ Climax mix of "Fly Me To The Moon" from Bayonetta.


The rip is a parody of Etika's video "The Final Destination: Last Smash WiiU/3DS DLC Update Broadcast - FULL REACTION (12/15/2015)", in which he reacts to the announcement that Bayonetta will be included in Super Smash Bros. 4. Etika's stream format is mimicked in the rip with static "TOP DONATION TODAY" and "LATEST DONATION" labels and a news ticker-style bar with the names of "HALL OF FAME" donators. The original video's YouTube chat is replaced with the YouTube chat of the rip's stream. The logo for SiIvaDirect also appears.


The rip begins with Etika finishing his reaction to "Gentlesquid [by MtH]", a rendition of "Gentleman" with the Inkling audio filter from Splatoon by MtH for Triple-Q's Gangnamcore 2 mashup album.

At 0:09, the parody of the Smash DLC Update begins. Masahiro Sakurai (in the voice of Wiseguy from VoiceForge, which is used as SiIvaGunner's voice) announces Angry Joe for Super Smash Bros.. The video "Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate Character Moveset - Angry Joe" plays, which contains Angry's Joe's exclamations of "Holy Shit! I'm in a game!" from the video "Angry Joe is in a Video Game! Joe vs. Venom!". At 0:48, in order to mask Etika reaction to Bayonetta, the Loud Nigra scream is substituted for his voice. From 0:49 to 0:52, the rip "Nyeh Heh Heh! (OST Version) - Undertale" plays instead of the original unedited "Bassline Junkie" in Smash Bros Lawl.

The Smash Bros Lawl video continues, showing off Angry Joe's "moveset" while Etika reacts. At 3:00 "Sakurai" resumes his narration, recapping Angry Joe's popularity in the poll. At 3:39, an edited photo of Angry Joe in the guise of Nico Yazawa from Love Live! appears. At 3:59, The Game Theorists's outro plays to finish Sakurai's last sentence.

At the end of the Game Theorists outro, the end title card is shown, displaying the runners up for the popularity poll. They are Elliot Rodger (in 2nd place) and Dabbing Keemstar (in 3rd place). "Snow halation" plays with the title card until the rip ends.


Donation messages

The donation lists the "TOP DONATION OF TODAY" as Albert Softie with $7.00 and the "LATEST DONATION" as InfinityAlex with $2.00. Both of these individuals are often ridiculed by the SiIvaGunner team.

These messages played underneath the "HALL OF FAME" bar:

  • Mr. Flint Stone: $100.00
  • Barney Rubble: $4.20
  • Ken Ashcorp: $69.00
  • Triple-Q: $6.66
  • BotanicSage: $17.38 (a reference to "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap)
  • PSY: $0.0P
  • videogamedunkey: a billion dollahs
  • This Is All The Money I Got For The Undertale collab so fuck it dude: $137.00
  • Triple-Q's Big Meaty Sausage: $0.01
  • You're still reading this instead of the insane effort put into this video? Do you know how long this took me

Main transcript

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[Etika is seen reacting too "Gentlesquid [by MtH]" ]

Etika: Eyy! Inkler! This is really it guys.I-Is-I-Is this shit really ending? Its so fun that I only (???)

[Sakurai appears on screen with an automated Silvagunner voice]

Sakurai: It's been almost 24 hours since we opened the Gilvasunner character ballot.

Etika: Yeah

Sakurai: However... this is finally the climax!

Etika: This is not...

Sakurai: Here is the winner of my High Quality-

Etika: Oh My Lord

Sakurai: -Rips character ballot

Etika: This is not...

Sakurai: Please take a look at the final results on this official High Quality GilvaSunner stream.

Etika: Hold - Hold your fucking dicks. Hold your dicks tight. HOLD THEM TIGHT MY BOYS THIS IS THE SON.

["Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate Character Moveset - Angry Joe" plays]

AngryJoe: Holy shit! I'm in a game!

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

OoooOOoOOoO Yay! OOooOooOO

Holy shit!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

  • Loud Nigra scream plays*

AngryJoe: Blpblplblpblplpblp

  • "Nyeh Heh Heh! (OST Version) - Undertale"* plays

AngryJoe: I'm in a game!

YUP. Check it out!

  • Loud Nigra scream plays*

AngryJoe: Holy shit! I'm in a game!

Etika: OOOOOOOOOSHHH! N*GGA! Oh shit.. You n*ggas did NOT think this would happen!

AngryJoe: Attack!

Etika: Oh my fucking GOD! Daddy Sakurai! Oh my fucking GOD... WHO SAW THIS!... We ALL said it was not possible!

AngryJoe: Bitch!

Etika: We all said it wasn't possible!

AngryJoe: Bitch, motherfucking chicken, KELLY CLARKSON!

Etika: She's too sexy for smash, right?! HELL NO N*GGA

AngryJoe: Bitch! Bitch, motherfucking chicken KELLY CLARKSON

Etika: Her alternate!


???: AaAaaaaaAAAA

Etika: Damn, this girl is bad

n- WHAT! None of you knew!

AngryJoe: *screams, gunshots*

Etika: Oh my god, did she win the ballots?

She's broken!

AngryJoe: *screams and gunshots*

Etika: Alternate!..

AngryJoe: *grunting* No... NO...

Etika: ...But god damnit


Etika: How the fuck do you combat somebody that can do that!

(???) N*gga!

AngryJoe: *laser gunshot sounds*

Etika: (???) Come on!

(???) Come on!

Tourettes Guy: FUUUUUUU

Etika: Uh oh..

Oh lord.

AngryJoe: NOO-HOOO


AngryJoe: (???)

Etika: *claps*

AngryJoe: FUUUUU

Etika: Daddy Sakurai, you have made the greatest game to ever embrace a Nintendo console.

Sakurai: The angriest man who hunts bad games - Angry Joe.

He's finally joining the battle!

AngryJoe: Oh my god, Oh my god

Sakurai: We've been asking for your opinion on the High Quality Video Game Rip ballot.

AngryJoe: Blplbplbplplbp

Sakurai: and Angry Joe was the number 1 choice in Bedrock.


Etika: He was?

Sakurai: In Gangnamn District, he was among the Top 5.

Etika: Woah!

Sakurai: This ranking includes even High Quality Video Game Rips from videos on the channel.

Among the negotiable and realizable High Quality Video Game Rips...

Angry Joe was the overall number 1 choice world wide.


AngryJoe: Eyes, titties, eyes, eyes and titties!

Sakurai: On the Gilvasunner channel, Angry Joe is a source with many cringe characteristics based on the original Angry Joe videos.

The more you watch him, the more you can tell he-

Etika: No King K.Rool my boys! Oh my god

Sakurai: - is a huge fan of LoveLive and is very Nico-Nico-Ni.

AngryJoe: (???)

Etika: No Shovel Knight, no fucking (???)

Sakurai: First of all, he is angry. And not just in his video game reviews. Even his movie reviews, his theme song and so on, all High Quality.

Etika: What?!

Sakurai: However...

MatPat: That's just a theory, a GAME THEORY, thanks for watching.

  • Snow Halation plays*

Notable comments

SiIvaGunner (before being deleted due to termination)

Again, thanks a lot for the 20,000 subscribers! Without you guys, I wouldn't be this motivated to rip the high quality video game music that I do, so I have a lot to owe to you guys. As a result, I made sure that this particular rip would be of the highest quality. Thank you!


Chincherrinas was the creator of the YouTube series Smash Bros. Lawl and The Frollo Show. He commented:[1]

A random internet character in smash what type of video is this


  • Angry Joe's moveset originates from Smash Bros. Lawl,[2] a series which creates Smash moves for characters from films, video games and other forms of media like the main character from SpongeBob Squarepants and Frollo from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. The moveset is found in "Smash Bros. Lawl Ultimate" (not to be confused with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) by Jon Watson (Or by his username I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE),[3] which were removed after Watson received massive negative feedback from fans before deleting his account. Later, the two moveset videos of Angry Joe and Rainbow Dash from MLP: FiM were re-uploaded by Eric Blanchard on YouTube.
  • The album release ends with the Game Theorists outro and omits the popularity poll results.