{{Rip |image=Super Mario Odyssey.jpg |link=Dyiko56Dk5A |playlist=Super Mario Odyssey |playlist id=PLL0CQjrcN8D28eanfNN40q3j0KorY4Ucw |upload=January 16, 2017 |length=2:19 |author=Can of Nothing

|album=The Voice's Highest Quality Video Game Rips
[[Now That's What I Call Quality! |track="Super Mario Odyssey Reimagined (Jazz Arrange)"

|music=Fossil Falls |composer=Mahito Yokota |platform=Nintendo Switch |catchphrase=I order you to read the channel description. }}"Fossil Falls - Super Mario Odyssey" is a high quality rip of "Fossil Falls" from Super Mario Odyssey.


This rip is a jazz arrangement of the theme of Fossil Falls, also known as the Cascade Kingdom.


  • Nintendo Italy accidentally used the rip for the YouTube video containing the interview about impressions of players who experienced Super Mario Odyssey at Milan Games Week 2017.