"Fresh - Friday Night Funkin'" is a high quality rip of "Fresh" from Friday Night Funkin'.


This rip plays gameplay footage of a modded version of the level with the following changes, mostly referencing Among Us:

  • The advertised track is mashed up with "Impostor Imperceptible (Among Us)" by NerdOut. At 0:27 and 0:59 its vocal samples are changed to the audio from "AirPod Shotty" by FNMeka. Various Among Us SFX are also incorporated into the rip.
  • Throughout the rip, the plucked strings from "Dead Body Reported" are playing. However at 0:43, the same instrument begins playing "Among Us Trap Remix" by Leonz.
  • Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest are replaced with crewmates styled after the "Among Drip" render, and the crewmate representing Daddy Dearest is holding the shotgun from the "AirPod Shotty" TikTok.
  • Girlfriend is replaced with the twerking crewmate from this tweet.
  • During their turn, the crewmate representing Daddy Dearest has the "jermaSus" face superimposed over their visor. At every turn ending with an up note, they briefly switch to the "Among Drip 2" render.
  • As is customary with most Friday Night Funkin' rips, the crewmate representing Boyfriend dies with blue balls; this time, they mimic the death animation from Among Us, losing their top half and falling to the floor.


  • Just like the five previous rips, the rip's mod files are linked in the description instead of the playlist link.


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