"GOTTA ANNOUNCE FAST!!" is the announcement video for the album 7 Somari Dad.


(Scene: a screen diagonally split into blue and red side. On the blue side is an icon of Sonic's face, and on the right side is an icon of Dr. Eggman's face. Each icon has an animated glow behind it. On the bottom is a waveform visualizer that animates whenever Sonic and Dr. Eggman speak. In the center of this visualizer is the 25th anniversary logo for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and above the logo are images of Sonic and Dr. Eggman posing. At the bottom is text saying "@gilvasunner".)

Dr. Eggman: GilvaSunner asks, "What's your favorite high quality rip?"

Sonic: Well, let's take a listen...

(Scene: a poorly-drawn image of Sonic and Jesus, taken from the erotic Sonic fan fiction story, "God-Speed". Fractions of the screen are black, typical of videos with images that don't completely fill the screen. "Careless Whisper" with the melody of the song "Planet Wisp" from Sonic Colours layered over it with a saxophone plays, as a deep voice ponderously reads aloud a lengthy portion of the story)

Voice: Jesus ripped off his robe, revealing his bronzed muscles. "Wow, it's been so [sic] long since I've gazed upon The Chest of The Lord." Sonic said as he bit his bottom lip. Jesus plopped down onto the awaiting mattress, sending a small shock-wave through the room that knocked a lamp off of the bed stand. "Jesus fucking Christ, can't you just lay down like a normal person?" Sonic said without realizing his pun. Sonic placed the lamp back on the stand and opened up the top drawer, "Well we're gonna need this." he exclaimed as he took out a packet of lube.

Another kiss between the two and Sonic began to slide off Jesus' undergarments revealing his stiff cock. Sonic slowly took his index finger and moved it up the length of Jesus' member, making Christ shake with pleasure. "S-Sonic...don't tease me.." he said as he shivered. "Gotta go fast." Sonic whispered sensually into the son of God's ear. He ripped open the packet with his teeth and let the cold fluid [sic] dribble down Christ's cock. He grasped it in his hands and lubed up the rest of his shaft while simultaneously jerking him off. A tiny bit of pre-cum trickled out of Jesus' head and Sonic eagerly lapped it up.

(Scene: the same scene from the beginning of the video.)

Sonic: Uh, are these real?

Dr. Eggman: Well, says here that he only uploads high quality rips, so... must be.

Sonic: Not bad, GilvaSunner... not bad at all.

Video description Edit

Hey, everyone! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I'm here with my 25th anniversary of Sonic album, filled with high quality Sonic the Hedgehog rips! I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Bandcamp: (I've said this many times now, but please do not spend money on this album. Use one of the many mirrors supplied below if we have run out of free download credits. If you do purchase the album for some reason, that money will go towards charity, free download credits, and back into the channel; no money will be pocketed for personal use!)

MEGA MP3:!4hQ1QBwb!a_1Rb-oYvxT2M58GjgilSx8XqrJiQ79AItCATe8J6ak FLAC:!8xRTQZrL!giwvkPE9gHsn90Tyv4WoFWCwmiS0mLicEs2hgn0CRGk


Edit: Dang it! Another title and artist corruption. There must be a fix to this, right?

Read the disturbing fan fiction here:


  • The reading by Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog is from a Tweet by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account.
  • The God-Speed narrator reads out the wrong words twice. In the original story, Sonic says, "Wow, it's been too long since I've gazed upon The Chest of The Lord." The narrator reads the word "too" aloud as "so". Additionally, when Sonic opens up the lube, the original story describes it as a liquid, while the narrator says it's a fluid.
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