"GO MY WAY!! - THE iDOLM@STER" is a high quality rip of "GO MY WAY!!" from THE iDOLM@STER.

The rip was incorporated into Episode 8 of The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, when Haruka Amami sings to encourage Smol Nozomi.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually a mashup of "GO MY WAY!!" with "Snow halation", mixing both songs' instruments and lyrics into one.

Lyrics Edit

(Pink text indicates "GO MY WAY!!" lyrics, blue text indicates "Snow halation" lyrics.)

Nonsutoppu de ittemimashou
Tte omottara mata akashingou?
Sonna toki wa hekomanaide
Haiuei ga aru, faito!
Furu surottoru, tobashite mimashou
Tte omottara supiido seigen?
Konna toki wa nayamanaide
Jeto ga aru, furaito!

Mirai wa dare ni mo mienai mono
Dakara dare mo ga yume o miteru
Donna chizu ni mo nottenai kedo
Donna toki demo

Todokete setsunasa ni wa
Namae wo tsukeyou ka SNOW HALATION
Omoi ga kasanaru made
Matezu ni kuyashii kedo suki tte junjou

Binetsu no naka
Tameratte mo dame da ne
Tobikomu yuuki ni sansei
Mamonaku START

Trivia Edit

  • The vocals are done by Haruka Amami, for whom this rip was uploaded for her birthday.
  • As many people commented on YouTube, this rip feels very "unnatural", as "GO MY WAY!!" was originally supposed to replace "Snow halation" after the reboot.
  • Despite happening during the Monochrome Pause, this rip is not part of it. As Wood Man commented on YouTube and Twitter, it was apparently a rip scheduled by the Voice Inside Your Head before the beginning of the pause, explaining the description ("I order you to read the channel description.") and the fact that it is not in black and white. Though, it still motivated Wood Man to upload "GO MY WAY!!" rips the next day in honor of Haruka's birthday (all of those ones being part of the pause).

References Edit

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