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Not to be confused with: GilvaSunner Deletion and SiIvaGunner Termination.

The GiIvaSunner Termination was a one-week hiatus in April 2016 following the termination of the GiIvaSunner channel.


On April 6, 2016, the GiIvaSunner channel was terminated from YouTube for violating YouTube's community guidelines. After attempting to appeal to YouTube with no success, the GiIvaSunner team gave up and, on April 12, they returned with a new channel called SiIvaGunner.

The SiIvaGunner channel was actually made weeks prior by Tainic and the team had planned to return with a Metal Gear rip, but the idea spiraled into an entire album titled The Phantom Rips: SiIVa has come to.[1]

Within the SiIvaGunner lore, the termination was caused by Angry Joe using copyright strikes, as explored in the video "Termination [FILE-02] - Haltmann's Archives".



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April 6

Tweet Ref Note
I'm going to get this account back even if it kills me. I only upload high quality video game rips. [2] Made after the GiIvaSunner account got taken down
#HighQualityVideoGameRIP [3]

The image embedded in the Tweet.

[4] Scene from episode 17 of the anime "Parasyte".
Reminder that you can get most of the best songs posted on my volume one album: #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [5]
I promise that this is NOT the end. Even if I can't get the account back, I will make a new account #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [6]
Account got taken down @sortofaweeb @nintenchu [7] In response to a now-deleted reply by @aouka
Copyright claims didn't do us in. Apparently I violated the terms of service. #HighQualityVideoGameRIP @16Skyward [8]
I'm appealing to Youtube. Also, I will definitely make a second account if it doesn't work and reupload rips. @Sarveproduction @16Skyward [9] In response to Sarvéproductions: "@GiIvaSunner @16Skyward Would there be any way to get your channel back with all your old vids? #HighQualityVideoGameRIP"
Hey, @MrRyanMorrison, would you be able to help me get my YouTube account back? [10]
#HighQualityVideoGameRIP @FourteenCoast [11]
#HighQualityVideoGameRIP @JimmyWhetzel @didyouknowgamin @GilvaSunner [12] In response to a now-deleted reply by @GilvaSunner you can download some of the best received rips here @link_zepimo @JimmyWhetzel @didyouknowgamin @GilvaSunner [13]
I will be back. #HighQualityVIdeoGameRIP @tuyoki [14] In response to Temmie Chang

Let's find the rips we've lost,
Just try to live your life

[15] References lyrics to "The key we've lost" from Xenoblade Chronicles X

The account struck down with all our faults,
So where's your feeling
Where's your quality?

Thank you, TJ @tj99er [17] In response to TJ "Henry" Yoshi: "#HighQualityVideoGameRIP One meme to another, my support goes out to you, GiIva"
Just like how @AngryJoeShow didn't give up when Youtube only left him with 7 dollars, I won't give up! #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [18]

April 7

Tweet Ref Note
Because I'm unable to upload high quality rips, I've been watching some videos. Have you guys seen the Sans is Ness theory? Interesting! [19]
(link to 'Title Screen - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy Music Extended', no longer available) wow I love this song! [20]
Yes! You can get it free if you download the album. I have prices on the songs so people don't waste the free download credits @tuyoki [21] In response to Temmie Chang: "HERE IT IS!!! (link to "U​.​N. Owen Was Grand Dad?" from GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1)"
You've been in a coma for...9 hours. #HighQualityVideoGameRIP

The image embedded in the Tweet.

[22] References a line from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Soon. @Conro101 [23] In response to @Conro101: "@GiIvaSunner I thought this meant you were back. how dare you shatter my dreams"
We'll take it back, together. We'll make high quality rips from the rubble. @Lythero [24] In response to @Lythero:

 "Omg @GiIvaSunner's YouTube channel's been taken down?

... all he did was upload high quality video game rips.

It has come to my attention that I accidentally left Ai No Uta off of the Volume 1 album. I deeply apologize and it will be on the next one. [25]
Please do not subscribe to any "SiIvaGunner"s on youtube until I post a link [26]
@Sarveproduction May be imposter, may be a backup account, may be a new account. You won't know for sure until I link :) [27] In response to Sarvéproductions: "@GiIvaSunner fake ones?"
I'm not associated with that account in any way. @Ranilel [28] In response to @Ranilel: "@GiIvaSunner What about BrawIBRSTMs3?"

April 11

Tweet Ref Note
My twitter account was locked, but through the magic of high quality rips, it is unlocked #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [29] Twitter account was locked from April 8 to April 11 due to Twitter thinking the account was a spam bot.
Special thanks to @TripleKyun for being my spokesperson while I was dealing with that. Anyway, keep an eye on my twitter [30]
@TripleKyun I'll be announcing something within the next 24 hours #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [31]
Some people have been asking me whether I have any relation to @EIIenBaker. I don't. I only upload high quality video game rips [32]
They thought I was a spam bot. It was locked for about 2 days. @PrettyObvious7 [33] In response to @PrettyObvious7: "@GiIvaSunner so how did your account get locked or will you explain in the announcement?"

April 12

Tweet Ref Note

Words that kill
Would you speak them to me?
With your breath so still,
It makes me believe


[34] References a lyric to "Sins of the Father" from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
What is that @Daringineer [35] In response to @SnowyNowak:"@GiIvaSunner Grand Dad the Undying"

In the Father's sins
Let me suffer now and never die
I'M ALIVE! #HighQualityVideoGameRIP

[36] References a lyric to"Sins of the Father" from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
(link to 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Sins of The Father [FULL]') this is a good upload. But I don't think it's a high enough quality rip. [37]
whoa hooo [38] References lyrics to "Sins of the Father" from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
words that kill [39]
It's happening soon. #HighQualityVideoGameRIP [40]
(link to 'Release trailer: Graceful Danmaku Festival (secret project!)') I'll definitely rip some music from this game. Such a high quality soundtrack! [41]
(link to 'Release trailer: Graceful Danmaku Festival (secret project!)') I'll definitely rip some music from this game. Such a high quality soundtrack! [42]
Soon. @blahalb09 [43] In response to @JayP_823:"@GiIvaSunner ffs make your big announcement already"
Are you guys ready for an announcement? [44]
1.7 @DeathViaGluten [45] In response to a now-deleted reply by @DeathViaGluten
I hope you are all excited for the upcoming announcement! My clock from GabeN has been working real well :) [46]
RIP @OrgiaRobo [47] In response to @LeemerBean: "@GiIvaSunner I'm going to fucking end my life"
Getting prepped for the announcement! :) [48] [49] Link is now unavailable.

April 13

Tweet Ref Note
Here is the announcement! Thank you for waiting :) [50]
Be sure to check out the OFFICIAL SUBREDDIT: [51]
I know @joel_vinesauce, @tuyoki, @BalrogGameRoom, @didyouknowgamin, @JimmyWhetzel and countless others missed my rips, but they're back! [52]
First off, the main reason I didn't want to was because of the way I setup the art and the disc cutouts. It wouldn't have worked on Bandcamp [53] Explanation as to why album wasn't on Bandcamp.
The other reason is I received a huge influx of donations after the account got taken down, and putting the album on Bandcamp will make me- [54]
-feel like I'm just fishing for donations, and for an album as small as this one, I'd feel bad about it. [55]
So, in conclusion, the album won't go on Bandcamp. I'm sorry for those of you who wanted it on the site. [56]

See also


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