For SiIvaGunner's original YouTube channel, see GiIvaSunner.

GilvaSunner (with a lowercase "L"), previously known as TimmyTurnersDad, is the channel SiIvaGunner parodies. His channel contains a selection of mostly Nintendo video game music.

History Edit

After the original SilvaGunner (with a lowercase "L") was taken down due to copyright (and subsequently retired from uploading video game music), two channels who also uploaded music, TimmyTurnersDad and BrawlBRSTMs, started up a collaborative tribute to the SilvaGunner channel called GilvaSunner on October 2, 2010.[1]

At some point in early 2011, BrawlBRSTMs left the channel, leaving just TimmyTurnersDad to run it.[2] When the TimmyTurnersDad account was suspended on February 7th, 2011, GilvaSunner became his primary channel.[3] He would then use a picture of Timmy Turner's dad as his avatar until late January 2016, when he changed it to his current picture.[4] He began using the lighthouse as his channel banner in 2013.

Prior to the creation of GiIvaSunner (with an uppercase "i") he had not uploaded since 2014. By that point, he had uploaded 6,313 videos to his channel and covered around 120 different soundtracks. He would return on March 21, 2016, to celebrate his channel reaching 150k subscribers. In June 2016, uploaded the Kirby Planet Robobot soundtrack, but had to remove it due to copyright.[5] He continued to upload on rare occasions, the most recent being on February 25, 2018.

A large portion of GilvaSunner's catalog of music was copyright-claimed on YouTube on August 13-14, 2019.[6][7] His channel has not been copyright-striked and some OSTs and medleys are still available to listen. Between December 20, 2019 and January 3, 2020, he changed his channel description, removing the sentence about uploading new videos.

Abnormal uploads Edit

See also: Category:Rips parodying GilvaSunner's non-rip videos

Remixes (100k, 150k, kirbtunes) Edit

After he stopped uploading game music in 2014, GilvaSunner would begin postings playlists of remixes, the majority of which come from SBFR, which is (as GilvaSunner describes it) a Japanese remixing community. Originally intended as 100k and 150k subscriber specials focusing on Nintendo songs, these would later be uploaded randomly as "kirbtunes" and only feature Kirby songs. For non-English titles, they are sometimes translated.

Instead of a logo, these usually feature artwork from SBFR as their background image. The video descriptions deviate from the standard as well, listing "Artist:", "Original:", and "Artwork:" which state the creator of the remix, the song it's based on (as well as the game of origin), and the creator of he background image, respectively.

As far as the remixes themselves, there's nothing too notable aside from "нет головоломки?", a remix of "Puzzle Room" that GilvaSunner titled with a reference to the SiIvaGunner meme. SiIvaGunner would also upload an original Kirby remix, "Light", in the style of these remix uploads.

Specials / Random Stuff Edit


Sometimes, he had uploaded arrangements separately from the subscriber specials/kirbtunes uploads. Most of these arrangements are live performances or bonus tracks on official albums of the relevant franchise, hence the distinction. They are collected in the playlist Specials / Random Stuff.

Snowmobile Accident Edit

On December 26, 2011, GilvaSunner did something uncharacteristically SiIvaGunner-esque; he uploaded the video "Snowmobile Accident", consisting of video footage of a snowmobile rider going crashing and tumbling down a snow-covered mountain... while the Super Mario Galaxy 2 version of "Slider" plays in the background.

This video has been parodied multiple times on the SiIvaGunner channel: a video also titled "Snowmobile Accident", the two rips of "Slider - Super Mario Galaxy 2", and the video "Jetski Accident".

April Fool's Day Edit

GilvaSunner has celebrated April Fools' Day at least four times. All of these uploads were later unlisted.

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