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GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips Volume 5[1] is a low quality album released by SiIvaGunner featuring rips of The Nutshack theme. Unlike many other SiIvaGunner albums, it was not released on Bandcamp.

The album was announced through the video "Careless Announcement".

Track list

All the Nutshack edits are from Eziam One's YouTube channel.

Track name Length Notes
crossing_field_Sword_Art_Online (1) 0:22 An edited clip from the song "Crossing Field" from Sword Art Online.
nutshack in 1 4 hd 0:16 The Nutshack theme in 1/4 time signature
nutshack in 2 4 hd 0:35 The Nutshack theme in 2/4
nutshack in 3 4 hd 0:48 The Nutshack theme in 3/4
nutshack in insen hd 1:05 The Nutshack in the Insen Scale
nutshack in other melody hd 1:05 The Nutshack in another melody
nutshack in monoton hd 1:05 The Nutshack in one note
nutshack FUCKING LOUD music scale HD 1:06 The Nutshack made extremely loud.
the nutshack genesis hd 1:06 The Nutshack in the Sega Genesis instruments.

Bonus media

The album contains three bonus files:


  • The thumbnail of "Careless Announcement" and the album is a banepost.
  • The audio tracks of Eziam One's Nutshack edits on the album were made after the videos, and present some minor differences, such as the length.
    • In the original video "It's the Nutshack in 3/4 Time" at 2:34, the wrong beat was removed, resulting in an additional beat and the words to spell "TITO DICK BABY". This was fixed in the track "nutshack in 3 4 hd" on this album[2].


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