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Not to be confused with: GiIvaSunner Termination and SiIvaGunner Termination.
"Here's to you, my better half."

The deletion of the GilvaSunner channel was acknowledged on the SiIvaGunner channel with a channel event on February 4, 2022.


The GilvaSunner channel had been targeted by multiple copyright blocks from Nintendo that, at most recent, began on January 29, 2022.[1] On February 1, GilvaSunner announced on Twitter that he would be deleting the channel on February 4, as he didn't feel it was "worth it to keep the channel up any longer".[2] The channel was deleted at 12:00 p.m. EST.


The blank avatar used after the event's final rip.

The avatar used on February 5.

The avatar was changed to a profile picture previously used by GilvaSunner (itself a reference to TimmyTurnersDad, GilvaSunner's previous channel),[3] and the channel banner was changed to the original lighthouse image.

After the GilvaSunner channel was deleted, SiIvaGunner's featured video was changed to "Ending Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2", a rip that was in GilvaSunner's Liked videos playlist. After "Loneliness - Tengami" was published, it was set as the featured video and the YouTube and Twitter avatars were changed to a blank gray image (the exact shade of gray in the background of GilvaSunner's Antinous avatar). The next day, the avatars were changed to an edited version of the "Big Boss Salute" image, with Big Boss changed to resemble SiIvaGunner.

Rips uploaded

Most rips on this day were of games or tracks that were ripped on the GilvaSunner channel, but were previously not ripped on SiIvaGunner, especially those that had notable metadata deviations from the usual format. In keeping with this theme, almost every rip lacked a catchphrase in the description, since the catchphrase part of the rip format was added by SiIvaGunner, and wasn't part of GilvaSunner's channel. There was no particular theme to the jokes featured in the rips themselves, although there was a small lean towards ending themes, goodbyes, and other somber rips, especially near the end of the day. The event closed out with a reupload of "Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl", GilvaSunner's collab with SiIvaGunner for April Fools' Day 2016, followed by the first ever rips of Tengami, the game that GilvaSunner's banner image originates from.

The schedule for the event was different from usual: as a nod to how GilvaSunner always uploaded entire playlists of soundtracks at once, every game that had multiple rips for the event had each of those rips uploaded simultaneously. The sole exception to this was the final rip for the event, "Loneliness - Tengami", which was uploaded 30 minutes after the other Tengami rips to emphasize its status as the finale.

After the upload of "Loneliness - Tengami", a playlist titled "A selection of mostly Nintendo video game music" was created, which contains all of the event's rips. This was accompanied with tweets by @GiIvaSunner announcing the playlist and paying tribute to GilvaSunner. The channel remained largely inactive the next day, save for the avatar being changed and a post being published on SiIvaGunner's community tab.[4] After one last tweet saluting GilvaSunner, regular uploads resumed on February 6.



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Tweet Ref Note

I think it goes without saying that without GilvaSunner, we'd have no leg to stand on.

But our gratitude cannot be expressed with just mere words--so we've prepared tributes and melodies from the heart.

[5] Posted after the release of "Loneliness - Tengami". The YouTube link leads to the "A selection of mostly Nintendo video game music" playlist.
Here's to you, my better half. Your legacy shall live on through everyone's celebration of video game music: high quality, or not.

The image embedded in the Tweet.

[6] A reply to the previous tweet.

Thanks again for everything, @GilvaSunner.

You're a legend in the eyes of those who live on the VGM battlefield.

The image embedded in the Tweet.

[7] Posted on February 5. The YouTube link once again leads to the "A selection of mostly Nintendo video game music" playlist.


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