Grand Dad 64 is an album celebrating Super Mario 64's 20th anniversary. It was released on June 24, 2016 and contains 35 tracks. It was silently released during the reboot phase, but an announcement for it wasn't put up until August 3, 2016, at which point the reboot had ended.

Tracks Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "It's-a Me, Grand Dad!" Barney Rubble 00:02
2. "Grand Dad 64 Title Theme" Solid STRGG 01:38
3. "Joel's Message" Toonlink 00:12
4. "A Grand Opening" Chaze the Chat 01:12
5. "Grand Dad 64 Main Theme" bobo2we 00:52
6. "Grand Dad's Secret Slide" ZVAARI 02:39
7. "Inside Cena's Castle" Barney Rubble 01:08
8. "Let's Get Loopy" Toonlink 10:02
9. "Dire Halation" Avolience 02:33
10. "Lethal Flintstones Land" Barney Rubble 01:21
11. "Christmas in the Mushroom Kingdom" Barney Rubble 01:36
12. "Cave Dungeon (Extended Mix) (Unextended Mix)" Blazephlozard 02:20
13. "Scooby Dooby Boo" Chaze the Chat 01:44
14. "Remove Boo from the Premises" Matsu Muhō 00:30
15. "A Grand Home Lullaby" megamanlego and Toonlink 02:58
16. "Powerful Dad" bobo2we 00:24
17. "Metallic Dad" ZVAARI 00:57
18. "Scatman's Grand Select for 12 hours" Chaze the Chat 01:55
19. "Tragic Solution" Matsu Muhō 00:03
20. "Toad's Message" Blazephlozard 00:06
21. "Grand Star Get!" Shengda Baba 00:14
22. "Stadium Fanfare" Matsu Muhō 00:03
23. "actually idk the name of the song i just remixed can someone tell me btw its super mario 64" LuNiney 00:03
24. "McDonalds 64" Toonlink 00:02
26. "Grand Over" Uncle Fill 00:07
27. "64 Ways to Leave Your Lover" Toonlink 01:33
28. "Homer's Message" Avolience 00:06
29. "Bloopa's Grand Hotline Road" TUWieZ, Chaze the Chat and Avolience 03:46
30. "GRAND D'OH" ZVAARI 02:27
31. "Koopa Clea@$!)&#" Matsu Muhō 00:03
32. "U.N. Koopa Was Her?" MatrixMarioX 02:13
33. "World's Loudest Clear" bobo2we 00:27
34. "A Grand Ending" Toonlink 01:24
35. "Grand Dad 64 Staff Roll" Chaze the Chat 03:55
Hidden track
36. "Grand Dad's Lullaby - Piano" QQQoji CoNdo 04:05

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