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"Grand Metropolis" is a high quality rip by SiIvaGunner. It was originally uploaded on April 1, 2016 for the April Fools' Day 2016 event.[1][2]


At 0:12, 1:22, and 3:10, the melody of the song changes to the melody of "Meet the Flintstones". At 0:51, the melody changes to the melody of "Snow halation". At 2:00, the melody becomes the melody of "Before my body is dry" from Kill la Kill. At 2:28, the original melody of the song is played but the instrument is replaced with a sample of Psy's voice from "Gangnam Style".


  • There is another track called "Grand Dad Metropolis" in the first album which is made by Shengda Baba. However, unlike the one in the third album, this one is completely unedited.
  • This rip was actually supposed to have been uploaded to the actual GilvaSunner's channel alongside the Final Destination rip, but GilvaSunner decided to only post the Final Destination rip.[3]

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