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Grandiose City is the city where (supposedly) SiIvaGunner and all his subscribers live. The majority of The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis takes place here. The city is located in south-west Netherlands, either replacing or simply being a renamed version of the real-life Dutch city Rotterdam.[1]


During the CCC, the Voice Inside Your Head used President Haltmann's technology to instantaneously sprout skyscrapers everywhere and overall turned the city into a cyberpunk-like location. The city prior to this event has never been canonically depicted (except for SiIvaGunner's house).

"Mechanizing Occupation Project [FILE-13] - Haltmann's Archives" provided exposition on a few key locations within the city. The city is sorted into the following sub-areas:

  • City Square
  • Precincts A, B, C, D, E
  • Shopping District
  • Harbor
  • (Unnamed location)

Precinct B

Precinct B is where SiIvaGunner's house resides.

SiIvaGunner's house

The place where magic happens. It is from this house that SiIvaGunner supposedly uploaded all the high quality rips on his channel thanks to his computer. It is mentioned in "Termination [FILE-02] - Haltmann's Archives" that Chad Warden bought SiIvaGunner this house after he was copyright-striked.

It was briefly taken over by Wood Man during the SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special who redecorated the place to his likeness.

In the SCCC, the Voice broke into his house during his sleep to materialize figments into the real world and take control of the city. Despite all the commotion and even the roof being destroyed, it didn't wake up SiIvaGunner who is still asleep in his bed since the Channel Ending.

Precinct C

An initially uninvestigated area due to the possible presence of Figments and gangs, Precinct C is the only precinct to be free of the Voice's influence at the beginning of the CCC. It is here that our heroes start their revolution.

Rapper's Union crib

The decrepit base of the Rapper's Union, from where they plotted and started the conquest of the city.


A large building where numerous citizens took refuge during the Voice's coup. It was later claimed by the Rapper's Union thanks to Smol Nozomi's help.

City Square

City Square is located directly above Precinct C, and houses The Voice's tower (formerly known as the Lighthouse). The Voice's forces rule this area.

Lighthouse / Voice's Tower

Main article: Lighthouse

A mysterious unnamed lighthouse where memes meet each other and collide to create rips. The Voice modernized it with Haltmann's technology and claimed it as his new base of operation.

Other locations

Nigra Store

The Nigra Store is first mentioned in the SilvaGunner: Rebooted rip "Futari Happiness (NOZOMI Mix) - Love Live! School idol festival", where Nigra unwittingly sold SiIvaGunner a corrupted ripping software that started the Reboot. It is located in Precinct E.

During the CCC, Haltmann renames the store to the redundant name "HRS Haltmann Record Shop".

Rental Storage Facility

The Rental Storage Facility was first seen in the episode "Will of a Knight", and first mentioned by name in "Mechanizing Occupation Project [FILE-13] - Haltmann's Archives". Smol Nozomi uses this place to rest after acquiring her Smolitzer, but is attacked by Wood Man before she can do so. She later rests in one of the facility's abandoned garages after defeating him and meeting Meta Knight.

According to the FILE, it is outside all of the precincts in an unnamed location in the southern part of the city. It is presumably a reference to Mr Rental.


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