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"Gravibus Octanguli - SilvaGunnner: King for Another Day" is a high quality rip of "Gravibus Octanguli" from SilvaGunner: King for Another Day. It represents the King for Another Day Tournament contestant Jack & Elmo.


This is an instrumental arrangement of the song "The Metal" by Tenacious D with original Latin lyrics relating to Jack & Elmo, and with clips of Jack Black's Sesame Street appearance edited YTPMV-style to the music.

The intro quotes the guitar riff to "Panic Attack" by Dream Theater from the album Octavarium.

At 0:39, the melody changes to "Elmo's World" from Sesame Street, before changing back at 0:55. This also occurs between 2:47 and 3:04.

At 2:14, the melody changes to "Tribute" by Tenacious D, before changing back at 2:29.


Octo angulorum

Jack Nigre
Rubrum Monstruosum
Signum prohibere

Octo utrimque

How how how how Elmo
How How how how Elmo how!
How How how how Elmo
How How how how Elmo how!

Ubi est mihi in Octangulo?
Jack oblitus sui octo
rubrum monstruosum, adiuva nos!
Libera nos prohibere signum

Ecce gloria undique
Hiis testibus suum attonitus angulis
invenimus Octangulum
Denique tandem pax

unus duo tria quattuor quinque sex septem octo


  1. Comment by Dylan Leggett