"Great Bay - Super Smash Bros. Melee" is a high quality rip of "Great Bay" from Super Smash Bros. Melee.


This rip imitates amateur comedy videos made in the earlier days of YouTube, specifically referencing MASTERLINKX's Melee-themed videos such as "SSBM - Mario & Link Comedy Show!". Various weaknesses of videos from this era, such as crude video recording and laggy emulators, are recreated.

The entirety of "Opening - Undertale 2" is also included in this rip.


[We see footage of Link standing in the "Great Bay" level from Super Smash Bros. Melee, but recorded off a television screen at an angle with a poor quality camera.]

Narrator: Hello, and welcome to first episode of "Ask Link"! So, Link, tell me about yourself.

Link: [by the same person, in a falsetto voice based on MASTERLINKX's voice for Link] My name is Link, and, uhhh... I like to drink milk! [takes a swig of Lon Lon Milk]

Narrator: What is your favorite toothpaste, chocolate or vanilla?

Link: That's a stupid question. Chocolate of course!

Narrator: So, how do you feel about the old Super Smash Bros.?

Link: Don't remind me!

[We cut to footage of two Links fighting in the original Super Smash Bros., but the bottom edge of the emulator window is visible, and the emulator footage is laggy to an agonizing degree.]

Narrator: Which do you prefer, chicken or turkey?

Link: Go chicken! Copy and paste this three times to get a free chicken!

Narrator: Never answered my question.

Link: Go chicken! Copy and paste this three times to get a free chicken!

Narrator: I'm going on to the next question now.

Link: Go chick--

Narrator: Do you always have to have the last word?

Link: No. ...maybe.

Narrator: [sigh] I'm going on to the next question now. Why do you like milk so much?

Link: [jumping onto an island and running around] Because I love to gargle! [almost-gargle sound] Wheeeeee!

Narrator: We'll be right back after these few messages.

Link: This is so fun!

[Cut to a spoof of the "Above the Influence" logo reading "Undertale", as dramatic music plays. Two bubbles appear reading "two" and "(2)".

Cut to a shot of PoliSlix.]

Narrator 2: This is Little Timmy. [He waves.]. Little Timmy was a normal dude. He did lots of things normal little boys did, like play video games. [Cut to him pretending to play a game.] Playing with his friends. [Cut to him typing and clicking his mouse in front of Hancho.] And play catch. [Someone throws something to him offscreen. He fails the catch and poses triumphantly.]

But then, Little Timmy found alcohol, and he hasn't been the same since. [He mimes drinking from a bottle and acts tipsy while sitting on his bed.]. Little Timmy, what are you doing?! Get with the times, brother!

Little Timmy: [tosses the bottle offscreen with a shatter] I'm over the influence. Under the bed. [He crawls under the bed. Another spoof logo appears reading "Over the Influence/Under the Bed". The URL then appears.]

[Cut back to "Ask Link". Link is trying to pop Tingle's balloon.]

Narrator: We're back, and... Link, what're you trying to do?

Link: I'm trying to pop his bubble.

Narrator: Link...

Link: [Link pops the balloon.] Yeah?

Narrator: That's a balloon.

Link: Ohhh...

Narrator: Next question! By Yoshiki. Why do you have such tight clothes?

Link: It's the latest style in Hyrule, that's why! Now here's a question! When's the next "Ask Okita" going to be finished?

Narrator: Umm...

[We cut to a badly unfinished attempt at scrawling an "Ask Okita" script, and hear a "Help... me..."]

Narrator: Next question by Knight of the Broken Cross.

Link: Um, I think you mean "knight". Not "night".

Narrator: What's the difference?!

Link: You forgot the "k".

Narrator: Hrrrmmpff! Next question! What is your favorite toy?

Link: What am I, ten?

Narrator: Yeah, pretty much. Next question is by Dan. How come, in Twilight Princess, when in the Goron Mines, gravity affects your hat, but not your other clothing?

Link: Because they're tight.

Narrator: 'T's all the space we have time for today! To ask questions, just comment, or contact me in some other way!

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