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"Happy Happy Christmas", or "it is a mystery", is the name given to a chiptune song made by Thomas Mogensen, also known as Drax. The song became well known after being used in the video "it is a mystery".


The song "Happy Happy Christmas" was composed by Thomas Mogensen through FastTracker and published on around December 1998.[1]

Later, as part of the collective group Maniacs of Noise, he arranged a variation of this theme for the game KRTL: Jay und die Spielzeugdiebe,[2] a German-exclusive GameBoy Color game published by THQ in 2000. It is the 6th track of the game: "Sub Tune #1 (Jolly)".[3]

On April 27, 2011, the YouTube channel PIFTS.exe uploads "it is a mystery", a video using "Happy Happy Christmas" and displaying a pixel sprite of a ghost next to the text "it is a mystery". The video gained popularity, making the song well-known.


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"Happy Happy Christmas" first appeared on the SiIvaGunner channel with the rip "Your Best Friend (OST Version) - Undertale" on September 16, 2016.

The melody has since been used in several high quality rips, including "Merry-Go-Round (Alpha Mix) - Super Mario 64", "Mysterious - Mario Paint" and "Track 6 - KRTL: Jay und die Spielzeugdiebe", a rip of the original chiptune where the song is changed to be "Happy Happy Christmas".

Since the video "it is a mystery" is associated with a ghost sprite, the song has been approved to be used as a source in several "Halloween Horror Specials", despite the song being actually called "Happy Happy Christmas".


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