Hatsilva Miku: Ripping DIVA is an album released by SiIvaGunner. It compiles all of the Hatsune Miku-related rips from the Hatsune Miku's Birthday event on August 30, 2017.

It was announced through the announcement video "A Vocal Announcement" (YouTube Icon).

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Intro" Charles445 00:56
2. "Time Machine To The Stone Age" MtH 03:07
3. "Thwomp's Vocaloid" Lenox 01:19
4. "...songs." hisa 00:12
5. "Tell My Sister" MtH 03:00
6. "News 39" vince94 01:34
7. "Not Papyrus rips Not Unfounded Revenge with Not Miku as his Not partner" Scribblenaut19 01:05
8. "Ievan Polkka (SiIva Mix)" Crazy Frog 02:19
9. "Live and Learn with Mikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" SmokyThrill77 04:29
10. "Senbonzakura-banana" MtH 01:23
11. "Ievan Polkkorobeiniki" QTQTQ 02:27
12. "Bem Frog [original]" Twonko 03:42
13. "L86" toonlink & MtH 02:18
14. "Hatsune Milku" MonoGiraffe & toonlink 02:15
15. "i love anime" ~rats 03:12
16. "Mind Drinking" MatrixMarioX 01:55
17. "Jenka 1" Jack the Ripper 00:55
18. "A Thousand Psychic Cherry Blossoms" ​2achary & King 03:50
19. "Rolling Start" MatrixMarioX 02:03
20. "Minerspin" Xarlable 01:17
21. "Mik U" MatrixMarioX 01:38
22. "Leek Land" SMALF 00:44
23. "Grape Garden (Miku Mix)" trivial171 01:37
24. "Ripple Factory" Charles445 03:14
25. "Counting a Thousand Broken Inkantations" trivial171 04:03
26. "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Grand Relics" Half Pixel 01:57
27. "Dance Robots Dance" MatrixMarioX 02:00
28. "Mikuchrome" Sean-Patrick 02:54
29. "Kagome ni Shite Ageru" Kirbio 02:00
30. "sweet&lovely words" 2achary, King, JerryStuff (Ro) 03:00
31. "Go My Way on Miku Avenue" R. 02:00
32. "Nyan Slider" Sean-Patrick 03:46
33. "As Miku Collides" Chaze the Chat, Eziam One, and QQQ 05:03
34. "Odin's Pizza Brain" Xarlable 01:09
35. "Anthems for Comrades - A Medley" Minus θ Zero 02:37
36. "Kawaii Memes World" Eziam One 01:25
37. "GLADIATORRRRRY!" Metalik 03:20
38. "Melt Halation" MatrixMarioX 02:00
39. "Final Boss Theme" Charles445 03:15

Bonus Items Edit

This album comes with a few bonus images as well as a video file titled "Thai - Miku Time" which shows the animated Hatsune Miku from the rip L86 - Kirby Planet Robobot.

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